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Bathroom Vanities Information and Reviews
By Roger King

There are many things that one must consider during the design and construction of a new custom home. Bathroom vanities can often serve as a centerpiece of you bathroom so it is important to pay close attention to them when doing bathroom remodeling.

When remodeling your bathroom you need to know that there are two types of bathroom cabinets: traditional and European-style ones. The traditional bathroom vanity holds a sink and often has a storage space and plumbing located under the countertop.

European cabinets may be a way to go when remodeling your bathroom, especially if bathroom space is an issue. Bathroom vanities often get crowded with objects that don't necessary need to be there.

Bathroom vanities provide great storage space and decorative appeal and can be laid out in an endless variety of arrangements, and is one of the first stops we make each day and the place we retreat to when we need to freshen up.

If you're building a new bathroom or just updating an old one, consider separate his and her vanities. That way, you and your significant other can choose the height that is just right for each of you. You can also enjoy the luxury of having a space that's all your own.

Your bathroom vanity has to be tough enough to weather drastic changes in heat and humidity as well as stand up to soap scum, toothpaste, and makeup. You need to decide on what style of countertop, sink, mirror, medicine cabinet and fixtures you'll need as well.

You can put in a new vanity, counter, and sink for about $250; even one with a solid-surface counter and integral sink can be had for as little as $325. When this installation is complete, a small fluorescent light behind the glass block will provide a very interesting effect.

About The Author:

Roger King is a successful author and publisher of http://www.1st-home-decor.com.. Bathroom vanities and ideas to showcase your homes.

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