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Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts performs concrete sawing, cutting, core drilling, breaking and removal for homeowners, residential and commercial contractors and builders. We have more loyal customers than any other concrete cutting service in Massachusetts.

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Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts is committed to Customer Service! Is your current Concrete Cutter? Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts is committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable service in the concrete cutting industry. If you have dealt with the other concrete cutting companies here in Massachusetts, especially those that claim to be "professionals" you have probably found that you are just another "number" to these concrete cutting companies. In fact, the definition of a professional is merely someone who charges for their work. The fact is that every company that accepts payment is professional. This does not guarantee good quality or service. As you know, one scheduling conflict can screw up your whole month. Loss of time means loss of money. We know that unless you are one of the lucky few, you have experienced one of the following situations while employing the services of the "goliath" and/or "wanna be" concrete cutting companies:

  • Arrogant office personal that acts as if you are bothering them.
  • Unreturned Phone calls.
  • No Shows!
  • No Certificate of Liability or Workers' Compensation Insurance.
  • Arguing and Temper Tantrums on site by so called Professional Concrete Cutters.
  • An Unimaginable Mess Left by the so called Pros.
  • On Site Price Jacking by not Sticking to the Quoted Price.
  • Inexperienced Concrete Cutters that you have to Personally Assist.
  • Overpriced Minimum Charges that kill your budget.

The process is all the same, the service isn't.

Is it time for a change? Do you want to finally get the service that your company deserves? You do have a choice! Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts is geared towards the small to medium sized residential and commercial contractors! Our concrete cutters absorb many of the responsibilities the "goliath's" hire employees to do. Keep in mind that with the other companies for every concrete cutter that you see in the field there is one "support" employee in the office. Whether it's an office assistant, a receptionist, dispatcher, yard boys, tool boy, truck mechanics, tool mechanics, etc. Who do you think actually absorbs the cost of these non-cash producing employees? That's right! You do! And with all of this support they still can't get it right for you the customer. Many are geared for the giant projects and the small to medium size residential or commercial contractors are caught up in the shuffle. They go for the "money" jobs as they come in, regardless of who was scheduled first, leaving you and your project in limbo.

You simply don't matter to them but we are here to serve you!

We offer better service, quality and price. You can be assured that if one of our experienced concrete cutters has a problem, they don't have to call an office person that has no concrete cutting experience at all, they are instructed to call one of our owners, who without question are the absolute most experienced Concrete Cutters on the Planet. If there is a problem, we'll find a fast, well thought out solution that will keep your project on time and on track. We are committed to your success, because without you, we are nothing. It is our commitment to leave you smiling and if you are happy with us you will call us for your next project and/or refer us to your colleagues or subcontractors. We want and appreciate your business. Call us and we'll take care of you immediately!

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General Requirements - Cutting concrete that contains steel reinforcing bars in its construction is usually strong, of uniform quality, free from voids, and completely sound. These qualities are present in reinforced concrete even more than in non-reinforced concrete structures that need to be cut and removed. The sections of reinforced concrete structures to be sawed are comparatively small and the stability of any given concrete structure depends upon the strength and durability of every component or ingredient including the steel bars embedded within. Concrete cutting, especially reinforced concrete cutting, should be performed by an experienced concrete cutting operator and not a homeowner or do-it-yourselfer. Safety within the concrete cutting industry is the number one priority. Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts also services Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine.


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