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Permanent satisfaction in concrete cutting construction work can be had only from dependable tools, quality diamond blades and competent workmanship. This fact is known to every good concrete cutting contractor and he sees to it that all work which he does complies with these three essential requirements. The rapid growth of this company has been due in a large measure to the loyal patronage and confidence of thousands of home improvement contractors throughout Massachusetts. The greatest of care has always been exercised in the cutting and sawing of reinforced concrete. This nationwide distribution of diamond blades also insures prompt service at all times to all points. Realizing that thousands of local contractors are called upon to do concrete cutting work and frequently feel the need for helpful advice has persuaded us to publish this web site. You will find within its pages many helpful ideas and suggestions which will be a real aid in solving perplexing problems connected with concrete cutting construction jobs. It is not a technical web site, filled with scientific data, but confined exclusively to practical information about concrete cutting for every-day reference. All information given has been carefully compiled and it is presented without guarantee or other obligation. Concrete cutting and sawing of concrete steps is attractive and permanent.

We cut and saw concrete throughout Massachusetts. We hire only the most highly trained concrete cutters. Being in contact with the moisture in the soil, concrete stairs should be constructed of a material that will not rot and decay, thus avoiding the necessity of periodical replacement. Tongued and grooved concrete form lumber is preferable, as it makes a much tighter and smoother job. Concrete forms should be entirely built and the cinders or gravel well soaked and packed in place before performing the concrete cutting. In the two walls leave the short top boards out until the concrete cutting work is started, they being set in place one at a time as the concrete cutting rises, thus making it possible to spade the concrete mixture well and eliminate the possibility of air holes or rock pockets in the surface. The concrete cutting should be performed in proportions of 1:2/2:4, being 1 part of reinforced concrete, 2 parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel graded in size from 4 inch to 1:2 inches. All reinforced concrete should be machine mixed if possible and water used sparingly.

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Using a concrete saw with an attached diamond blade to cut poured concrete walls can be easily accomplished by an experienced concrete cutter.

Place all of the reinforced concrete mix in one operation. This makes a monolithic reinforced concrete structure and all joints are eliminated. The treads should be finished rough with a wood float, to make a safe, non-skid wearing surface. Special colored aggregates or bits of abrasive stone can be toweled into the wearing surface as an added precaution against slipping. After the concrete forms are removed all exposed surface should be tooled or rubbed with an abrasive stone which will remove the laitance and all traces of concrete form lines. This treatment will give the completed work a very pleasing appearance. These very unpretentious steps proved a most economical way of solving the homeowner's problem. Simple in reinforced concrete construction and very low in cost, they serve as satisfactorily in every way as would a much more ornate and expensive type. Reinforced concrete is rigid and permanent, neat and pleasing in appearance. The gritty, non-skid texture of the finished reinforced concrete cutting provides the safest possible surface for walking, and permits entrance without the necessity of crossing a wet and muddy lawn or walk. The down spout runoff provides a solution to the rain-water problem in localities where there are no sewage facilities. This is very quickly and easily built and will last indefinitely. Concrete cutting for the reinforced concrete walk and steps should be mixed in proportions of 1: 23/2:4, being 1 part of reinforced concrete, 2/ parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel graded in size from 4 inch to 1 inch. Mix the reinforced concrete as dry as possible to permit a workable mixture, Construction joints should be provided every six feet in both down spout runoff and sidewalk. The top step should be pitched slightly toward the street, to insure a dry step and walk in all weather. The concrete surface should be finished with a wood float.

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