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Many of you are not familiar with North Andover. I am going to brief you a bit on it. It is located in Essex Country, Massachusetts. North Andover is nearly 24 miles away from Boston and taking about the total area of this town, it is approximately 27 square miles.

In the year 1646, Reverend John Woodbridge paid only a coat and six pounds to the Indian Chief Cutshmace in exchange for Cochichweick Plantation. To respect, Andover, the name of this town was changed from Lake Cochichewick to North Andover. In 1709 before General Court the dispute over thelocation of Church sites appears and to settle that, the foundation of South Parish and North Parish was laid. But these two communities could not work along and finally on 1855, these communities were given the rank of two different towns. America’s first published women poet died in North Andover. And this town has always taken pride in introducing its people to the youth and visitors. If someone wants to read her publications, then these are available in Stevens Memorial Library house. Community’s first town was North Parish Church.

North Andover has many beautiful buildings, which claims its strong roots. For example, Phillips Brooks Statue, Brick Store, and many other monuments are the part of its history. In 1802, to start the first mill they powered it via water. From 1820 till 1899, these mills were running. Many other efforts were made to strong arm the town’s financial status. And to this date, local residents are trying to support the town and after seeing this commitment towards their native place, many national and foreign investors are automatically attracted to North Andover.

Taking about government's role in improving the life of their local citizens, they are on their toes 24/7. The authorities of North Andover are engaged to their people. This government takes all kind of responsibilities in improving the life of people living in North Andover. A chart to which everyone in 1986 agreed upon give the opportunity of Open Town Meeting. Some five members are selected in a comity to look after the town and an expert holds the seat of thetown manager, who supervise every division or department in North Andover. Every comity in this town has nearly five members, which are responsible for that specific area. In the Open Community Session when something special is brought tolight, registered voters are asked to vote against or in favor of that particular case.

Are You in North Andover Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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North Andover Massachusetts Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling

Some masons prefer a mortar in which no lime is used, but this requires more time to apply it. To apply Stucco to brick or stone or concrete, clean the surface of the wall thoroughly, using plenty of clean water so as to soak the wall. If the surface is concrete roughen it by picking with a stone axe. Plaster with a 1/2inch coat and finish the surface with a wood float, or to make a rough surface cover the float with burlap. Protect the stucco work from the sun and keep it thoroughly wet for three or four days; the longer it is kept wet the better. In using Stucco on a frame structure, first cover surface with two thicknesses of roofing paper. Next put on furring, strips about one foot apart, and on these fasten wire lathing. (There are several kinds, any of which are good) Apply the scratch coat 1/2 inch thick and press it partly through the openings in the lath, roughing the surface with a --tick or trowel. Allow this to set well and apply the finishing coat 1/2 inch to 5/16 inch thick This coat can be put on and smoothed with a wooden float, or it can be thrown on with a trowel or large stiff-fibered brush, if a spatter-dash finish is desired A pebble-dash finish may be obtained with a final coat of one part granulated Portland Cement, three parts coarse sand and pebbles not over 1/4 inch in diameter, thrown on with a trowel.

The use of colored concrete up to the present time has not been general, and the effect of coloring ingredients upon the strength of concrete is not definitely known. In his book on "Cement and Concrete," Mr. L. C. Sabin, an eminent authority, states that the dry mineral colors mixed with the water in proportions by weight of from two to ten per cent, of the cement give shades approaching the color used, with no apparent effect on the early hardening of the mortar. Concrete culverts of all sizes and shapes are being constructed not only where the roads have been fully developed, but also on a great many farm roads. They are cheaper than wooden culverts considering that the wooden ones rot out every few years. If desired, they can be made quite artistic. Culverts vary greatly in size, from those which are nothing more than a large sewer pipe to those which span a wide stream. The bore or opening through which the water passes may be made either circular or rectangular. Culverts are generally built with a circular bore, although the concrete forms for these are more difficult to make than for the rectangular, so that frequently the latter are much cheaper. A culvert should be built, if possible, during the dry season or when the water is low. When of such size as to make it impracticable to build it by having the water flow through the center in a concrete trough or flume, then build a dam above the culvert and convey the water around one side of the proposed new structure while the work is in progress by means of a wooden concrete trough or a deep ditch.

*For further detail information see "Concrete in Highway Construction," published by granulated Portland Cement Co. The footings of the culvert can usually be laid directly on the earth in the bottom of the trench dug for them. Where the ground is soft, place wide footings under the culvert, and if deep marsh is encountered excavate to hard soil and fill with gravel well rammed or else drive piles to prevent any settlement.

In a small culvert set the concrete forms complete and place the concrete for the whole culvert in one operation. In a large culvert this is riot practicable, in which case set rough concrete forms for the footings and up to the springing line of the arch. After lying the concrete to this level set up the arch centers and wing wall concrete forms. Oil the concrete forms well. The wing wall concrete forms may, be built of 1-inch boards lay horizontally against 2 x 4-inch studs. The inner wing wall form must be cut somewhat to the shape of the arch or stepped off around the arch.

North Andover Massachusetts Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling
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