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The third method used for concrete construction is the most expensive, and is used only in building construction. It consists in constructing a light wooden frame over the site of the work, and covering the frame with canvas or other material. The temperature of the enclosure is maintained above the freezing point by means of stoves. Water-tight concrete, or concrete made water-tight by some kind of waterproof coating, is frequently required, either for inclosing a space which must be kept dry, or for storing water or other liquids. Concrete, even when most carefully prepared from materials of the highest grade, is never of itself completely waterproof. It is generally considered that in monolithic construction, a wet mixture, a rich concrete, and an aggregate proportioned for great density, are essential for water-tightness.

With the wet mixtures of concrete now generally used in engineering work, concrete possesses far greater density, and is correspondingly less porous, than with the older, dryer mixtures. At the same time, in the large mass of actual work, it is difficult to produce concrete of such close texture as to prevent undesirable seepage at all points. Many efforts have been made to secure water-tightness of concrete in a practical manner— some with success, but others with unsatisfactory results. There are now a great many special preparations being advertised for making concrete water-tight. It has frequently been observed that when concrete was green, there was a considerable seepage through it, and that in a short time absolutely all seepage stopped. Some experiments have been made to render porous concrete impermeable, by forcing water through a rich concrete under pressure. In these experiments, a mixture of 1 part Portland cement to 4 parts crushed gravel was used. The concrete tested was -6 inches thick. The flow through the concrete on the first day of the experiment, under a pressure of 36 pounds per square inch, was taken as 100 percent. On the forty-sixth day, under a pressure of 48 pounds per square inch, the flow amounted to only 0.7 percent. While the pressure was constant, the rate of seepage of the water decreased with the lapse of time, showing a marked tendency of the seepage passages to become closed. The experimenter is of the opinion that the water, under pressure, dissolves some of the material and t en deposits it in stalactite form near the exterior surface of the concrete, where the water escapes under much reduced pressure.

Others, however, think it quite possible that fine material carried in suspension by the water aids in producing the result. For cistern work, two coats of Portland cement grout-1 part cement, 1 part sand—applied on the inside, have been found sufficient. About one inch of rich concrete mortar has usually been found effective under high pressure. A coating of asphalt, or of asphalt with tarred or asbestos felt, laid in alternate layers between layers of concrete, has been used successfully. Coal-tar pitch and tarred felt, laid in alternate layers, have been used extensively and successfully in New York City for waterproofing. Concrete mortar may be made practically non-absorbent by the addition of alum and potash soap.

One percent by weight of powdered alum is added to the dry cement and sand, and thoroughly mixed; and about one percent of any potash soap (ordinary soft soap) is dissolved in the water used in the concrete mortar. A solution consisting of 1 pound of concentrated lye, 5 pounds of alum, and 2 gallons of water, applied while the concrete is green and until it lathers freely, has been successfully used. Coating the surface with boiled linseed oil until the oil ceases to be absorbed, is another method that has been used with success.

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