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Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts is always looking for good all around Concrete Cutting Operators to join our growing team.

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Applicants must be able to, and be willing to run a concrete wall saw. We have found that if an applicant is a good wall saw operator, they can generally do everything else good too.

Applicants must be:

  • A Hard Worker
  • Safe and Safety Oriented
  • Professional and Skilled
  • Courteous
  • Career Oriented
  • "Please and Thank You" and "We appreciate your business" must be part of your everyday vocabulary. You must be a courteous driver and have clean driving record.

Troubleshooters and Problem Solvers always go the furthest here at Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts. Whiners and Complainers are found out and chased out very quickly, so please do us a favor and go work for our competition. Most of our concrete operators have been with us and stay with us for many years because what you give here is what you get here.

Top pay for top cutters! Successful applicants will be allowed to take Brand New GPS monitored vehicle home everyday and plenty of overtime is available to those willing to work it. All of our vehicles have air conditioning and automatic transmissions.

And most of all, you must be willing to treat each and every customer with dignity and respect (even the ones that don't deserve it.) The customer is always right until your dispatcher tells you otherwise. This is what has made us what we are and has caused us to grow faster than any other concrete cutting company in history. Our customers come first!

We check all work history and references.

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Franchise Opportunities Available ($150,000 minimum investment required) Concrete slab saws can be powered by gasoline, diesel, electric, or hydraulic engines. Concrete slab saw diamond blades can range from 12 - 60 inches in diameter and can cut up to 27 inches in depth. A 120 horsepower, water-cooled, gas powered slab saw can cut up to 27 inches deep. When no exhaust or fumes are allowed, such as in food preparation areas, hospitals, and in enclosed shopping malls, an electric or hydraulic concrete cutting saw is used.

Core drilling is performed when precise circular cuts are needed. Holes up to 72" diameter can be core drilled to virtually any depth. Core drilling is typically used for plumbing pipes, electrical conduits, HVAC installations, as well as floor drains, sewer tie in and drains, hand rail and anchoring systems and sample test core analysis.

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