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What is Eastern Concrete Cutting?

Concrete flat sawing, also known as slab cutting, is used to saw flat surfaces such as concrete floors and asphalt streets and roads. Slab saws utilize a concrete or asphalt cutting diamond saw blade that is attached to a walk behind saw that has one operator. They can cut up to forty inches deep but usually cutting only six inches or less is required for residential projects. Flat sawing is the best solution for creating holes in concrete floors that allow access to and repair a broken plumbing lines or a waste pipe. When a basement is being refinished a basement bathroom is being added, the concrete is removed and replaced to add under floor plumbing. A flat saw is very useful in demolition work which helps to remove a cracked or unwanted pool deck or sidewalk. Occasionally a homeowner will just want a portion of a concrete slab or other concrete structure removed when altering their landscape. We suggest that you spend a few extra dollars and contact a professional concrete cutting company.

Eastern Concrete cutting uses the process of controlled cutting; core drilling and jack hammering of cured concrete performed by concrete cutting operators that use special saws which use diamond impregnated concrete sawing blades. Unlike old fashioned hand saw and dusty concrete hammering methods, modern concrete sawing leaves smooth attractive finishes and uses water that will not create any dust. There are many different types of concrete sawing but most the most commonly used are concrete wall sawing, coring or concrete core drilling and flat or slab cutting.

Eastern Concrete Cutting MA in Massachusetts

Concrete Wall Sawing is the procedure used when cutting large pass thru wall openings like doors and/or windows in concrete walls. This is accomplished by using a machine that connects to a track on the concrete wall that is to be sawed. This procedure uses a larger diameter diamond blade that can thick concrete all of the way thru from one side of the wall. This aspect of our business requires the most skill and cannot easily be accomplished by any unskilled homeowner in Massachusetts. Concrete wall sawing may include cutting doorways and windows in concrete walls but also includes lowering the elevation a concrete foundation, complete foundation demolition and also the demolition of concrete retaining or barrier walls. Cutting concrete in Massachusetts New Hampshire and Maine or Eastern Concrete Cutting should be left to the trained professionals.

Eastern Concrete Cutting is a Must for the Residential Contractor and Homeowner When Remodeling.

Contractors that build additions onto their customers’ houses commonly find that they have to cut an opening from the existing concrete foundation to the old existing basements. It costs less and is much easier to cut concrete during the construction phase and not after. Planning is the key to a smooth and worry free project.

Performing Core Drilling and Eastern Concrete Cutting in Massachusetts MA.

Concrete coring or core drilling is when an experienced concrete cutting operator drills a round hole thru a concrete structure, floor or wall. The sizes of the holes range from up to eighteen inches around but will be five inches on an average for most residential proposes. For commercial purposes, some core drills can be as large as sixty inches around. Concrete core holes can used for access thru concrete structures for plumbing, electrical and heating but are also used to vent boilers, pellet stoves and dryer vents. The equipment used to perform coring can be rented at your local tool rental outlet. However, I have seen homeowners rent the equipment and spend an entire weekend trying to core a single hole and fail forcing them to have to call a concrete cutting company to finish the hole. As with any construction trade a professional concrete cutting operator makes their job look simple.

Do Not Try Cutting Concrete Yourself!

Regardless of the challenges, don't let a little concrete stop you from completing your project. Concrete can be a nightmare if you do not realize that there are concrete cutting companies that can remove it both fast and neat. To find a concrete cutting company, buy ultram 50 mg, I recommend that you start with the Internet search engines and always check out the company's online reputation.

We cut concrete in Eastern Massachusetts MA and in Melrose, Malden, Peabody, Lynnfield and in Danvers MA. We have performed concrete cutting in Gloucester, Andover, Rowley and Newburyport many times. We also cut concrete in cities and towns such as Newbury MA, Rockport, Amesbury, Billerica, and Groveland.

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I had a great experience working with Affordable Concrete Cutting. I needed help last minute and Scott came through for me. I highly recommend! Thank you!

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Couldn’t have had a better experience. They were friendly, organized, efficient, clean, and well prepared for everything I asked and the job itself. If I decide to cut more holes in my basement I will definitely be using them.

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