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Decorative Concrete Facts


Concrete Facts – Decorative Concrete Effects to Spice Up Your Home

When a person thinks of concrete art, they usually envision a child’s handprint in a slab of wet concrete. While this is cute, this is not the basis of age old concrete art. Concrete really is the making of various home decors and materials used to spice up your home. Countertops, sculptures, fountains, bird baths, and even whirlpools can be made from concrete. Tabletops and fireplace hearths are often made of concrete as well. You would never know, however, and that is the fun of it. It is a type of art.

For example, whirlpools and countertops have a look of marble. However, many of the marble looking countertops are really a form of artistically engineered concrete. Most people would never know the difference.

There are many aspects to this form of art. For instance, there are many colors to choose when deciding to purchase concrete art. Black, gray, brown, dark blue, green, are some of the colors. These are enhanced by one of three different finishes.

Those types of finishes are named as follows:
  1. Deepground
  2. Softground
  3. Troweled

These are three different concrete affects that at texture to any surface in your house.

The texture and color accompanied by at least eight different edging styles.

The following is a list of eight different edge types:
  1. Back level
  2. Bevel
  3. Pencil
  4. Standard
  5. Double Bevel
  6. Agee
  7. Bullnose
  8. Double Round
Care of the concrete unit is very simple. It would include the following techniques:
  1. Rewax periodically. Wax once within 2 months of the installation, and once every 3-6 months after that.
  2. Make sure spills are wiped up quickly. This will ensure no stains. Mild soap without ammonia or other abrasive chemicals is recommended. Stone soap can be purchase for ongoing conditioning of the surface.
  3. Felt or rubber feet pads are recommended to go underneath objects place on the surface. (Ex: unglazed ceramic pots). This will help retain the coloration of the concrete surface, and reduce the chance of scratching.
  4. Make sure a cutting board is used. Cutting on the surface can scratch it.
  5. Note that the finish of some types of concrete art has natural cracks in them. This is not considered a factory defect, but rather a normal part of the texture. Keep this in mind when shopping for a concrete countertop, sink or other piece of concrete art.

There are also more advanced designs of concrete art. One is a concrete piece with a rough texture and little animal imprints it. These would be ideal for a large concrete engraved art to hang on the wall in a front hall. The same type of art can be placed on the front walk. A different imprint such as floral imprints would be ideal for this purpose. Another design that would look elegant on a front porch surface would be different shapes of plant leaves painted on it.

Another more advanced form of concrete art is the balustrade look applied to window ledges. This is very elegant, and can come in a variety of colors. A balustrade in ivory added to a brick building would look very chique. In fact, concrete can be made into a brick style for the look of a natural brick style. This would also make a home look very stylish.

For larger homes, driveways, foyers, walkways, and vestibules can also be design with concrete. It creates a very confident and professional home. It gives the huge home the look of an upscale hotel.

Places to find more information about concrete art include the following.
  1. Internet
  2. Concrete art manufacturers
  3. Local concrete are dealers
  4. Contractor services
  5. Local Phone book
  6. Referrals from friends

This is definitely not an all inclusive list of the types of concrete art and how they can spice up a person’s home. However it is a great start.

There are more than enough resources for someone who wants to learn more about this type of art. Furthermore, most of the information regarding concrete art is only a phone call or a click away. Anyone who wants to learn more about how concrete art can improve your home decor will learn about it in no time.

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