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Acton Massachusetts Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling
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Acton, Massachusetts lies between Concord and Littleton on Route 2. It is an incorporated town since 1735. Its population was 21,900 in 2010 that is a 7.84% increase since 2000, and altogether 5,958 families inhabit this town. Population density is 384.6 persons per square mile, and females are in the slight majority.

Local Government

For dealing with local matters, Acton is using an Open Town Meeting form of government. The town charter includes the rules of this annual meeting that any citizen can attend, however only registered voters can vote. There are altogether 27 elected officials that include 5 board of selectmen, 1 town moderator, a 6 member public school committee, a 6 member regional school committee, and a 9 member financial committee.

There is a Water District area in Acton that is run as a public utility. It was built to provide fresh water to the majority of the town, and is supplied by 7 wells within the town. A separate and independent branch of government was appointed in 1912 to deal with the water district matters.

Main Centers of Acton

Acton has five main village centers that were named after the railroad stations at these places. Acton Center is the main civic center of town, where the Town Hall, the public library, a Revolutionary War Monument, a post office, an arboretum and a conservation area can be found. Acton Arboretum is a 53 acres park that was purchased in 1976, was designated as an arboretum in 1986, and today it includes different types of gardens to educate and entertain locals.

West Action center is the main commercial center of the town along Route 111 that consist of several commercial developments. To meet the demands of the increasing growth, the town opened the Fitchburg Railroad in the 19th century.

The South Acton center is used to be the most industrialized part of town. In the 18th century, many mills were used here, that mainly used water power generated by Fort Pond Brook. An interesting heritage of the past industrial era lies here too, the Faulkner’s House that is the oldest house inActon, built in 1707.

East Acton used to be a smaller commercial area in the 19th century, but by today it became commercial based a residential area, along the Route 2A.

And finally, North Acton developed in the 1975-80’s and it became the home of many commercial complexes. Also, the Nathanial Allen Recreational center can be found in this area that includes a softball diamond, a swimming pool, a multifunctional sports field, playground, a stage and an amphitheater. It is a popular place among residents, and it houses many sporting and music events of the town.

This peaceful town was ranked to be the 35th on the list of the highest-income places with a minimum of 10,000 population. This is so, because the average income per capita was $53,379 per year. Just to compare, the average in the whole area of the United States is $28,155.

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The wet concrete for the down spout runoff is mixed very stiff, and in proportions of 1:2:3, using one inch stone. This makes it possible to trowel the depression with a steel float and concrete to form a smooth waterproof trough. Walk and Steps through the possibilities of concrete cutting in the improvement of suburban property are ably demonstrated on this page. A little thoughtful planning will work wonders on the most modest of estates. First impressions are usually lasting, and concrete cutting plays a considerable part in making first impressions favorable. In addition to its beauty and attractiveness, consider concrete’s durability, permanence, and low upkeep. The concrete basement stairs must be separated from the walks by expansion joints 1/4 inch thick; due to the difference in thickness, cracks will develop unless these are installed. All dimensions for the setting of concrete forms should be taken from a stake set at the center of the circle, being 24 feet from the outside edge of the sidewalk and 20 feet from the inside. The concrete cutting should be performed in proportions of 1:2/2:4, being one part of reinforced concrete, 22 parts of sand, and 4 parts of gravel or stone graded in size from 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches. In scoring the concrete pavement into slabs every four feet, as shown in the sketch, stretch a line from the center stake and take the four-foot measurement on the inside line of the walk.

Finishing is done with a wood float only, which provides a gritty, non-skid surface, and the completed work should be properly cured for at least a week.

A concrete cutting service on the sidewalk provides easy access to the rear of the house and keeps dirt and dust out even in the most inclement weather. It is the best possible insurance against accidents; people don't often slip or trip on the gritty, non-skid surface of a concrete walkway. The concrete cutting should be performed in proportions of 1:2/2:4, being 1 part of reinforced concrete, 23/b parts of sand, and 4 parts of gravel or stone graded in size from Y4 inch to 1/ inches. Construction joints should be spaced six feet apart and an expansion, joint provided every twenty-four feet; the surface should be finished with a wood float. Concrete cutting will provide a clean, sanitary surface for a porch floor. It is quickly and thoroughly cleaned with a hose without possibility of rot or deterioration. It presents a smooth, even, non-skid surface, and will not be the cause of constant repairs in years to come. The wall concrete forms are first filled, using a mixture of 1: 2/2:4, being 1 part of reinforced concrete, 2 parts of sand, and 4 parts of course aggregate.

Acton Massachusetts Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling

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