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Methuen is a renowned city of Essex county, Massachusetts, United States. Methuen is one of the largest citiesin Massachusetts with a population of around 47000 according to census of 2010. Methuen which was originally part of Haverhill was officially recognized as a separate city in 1726. The industrial growth here makes it easy to be recognized as a county or city. Its big industries are manufacturing hats and shoes. Though people around American don’t want it to be known as a city but it`s three notable, prominent and perhaps wealthy families helps in recognizing its fame. These families were Nevins,the Taney’s and the Searle’s.

Sports are one of the healthy activities of people of Methuen. Above all other games they take keen interest in athletes. Methuen high schools play for the first time in Merrimack valley conference. The first time football team played with fellow Merrimack valley for the first time in 1935 on Thanksgiving Day.They didn’t play together till 1963 Thanksgiving Day.

If you open history of America you will find number of notable personalities who belong to this tremendous and historical city. These may be designers, politicians,players, army men, artists and much much more. So let’s see who are the tremendous personalities from history were also residents of Methuen. Noble prize holder in chemistrynone other thanEliasJames was also born in Methuen. A composer with ability to handle and run multi instrument ben Cosgrave also belong from this land. Non other the former of united states army ranger Robert roger also founder of roger`s ranger which is now proudly known as united states of army ranger also born and lived here in Methuen. Edward Francis a philanthropist interior designer as well as architectural designer also belongs to Methuen.

If now finally you are planning to visit Methuen and wondering about its attractions then let us introduce you to some of its attractions. Above all there is forest pond of about 55 acres know as Forest Lake. You can enjoy different activities like canoeing,swimming and fishing. Nevins memorial library founded in 1868 is another attraction. Besidesits collection its architecture of glass and brick make it attractive place for history lovers. Methuen memorial music hall is another attraction in city built by WalkerOrgelbai.

Beside all these this city has so much to offer to its history lovers. If you and your family or friend takes keen interest in historical place then bet this place is meant for you.

Are You in Methuen Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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Shown is a concrete ice box in which two sides have a taper so catch the wood trays. The other two sides need not be tapered. The slots made in two sections so that only one need be removed in order to place or take anything from the trays. The bottom of the box should be made sloped toward a drain pipe, which may be fitted with an elbow and an upward which fills with water and traps the air from entering the ice box, which allows the water from the melting ice to drain from the box. A concrete silo, which is a tank or chamber for preserving fodder or ensilage by the fusion of air and water, is a practical necessity on every farm. Concrete silos are without question the most satisfactory, for they are water-tight, practically air-tight and vermin or rat-proof; they cannot shrink, rust or burn up; they will not blow over on account of their weight nor collapse when empty. Concrete is a good non-conductor of heat and cold and temperature inside such a silo will be fairly uniform so that the contents never freeze to any extent. Concrete silos are generally made circular, and the height may be about two or times the diameter. There are three ways of building concrete silos with monolithic or solid sides, with hollow monolithic walls; and with concrete block walls concrete silos are more economy cal than wood because of their durability and expense varies, of course, with the prices of the ingredients composing concrete and the cost of the form work The cost of the gravel and sand generally small, for there are comparatively few farms without a gravel pit suitable for making good concrete; hence, it is in the handling of the materials and the making of the concrete forms that the principal outlay is involved. A reinforced silo can be built cheaper than one which is not reinforced because of the thinner walls which can be used. A design for concrete forms and staging for a concrete silo is shown. The table gives the necessary data for constructing silos of different heights and diameters. Place vertical rods that are the same size as horizontal, 2 feet apart. One cubic yard of concrete is about 11 single loads or 1/2 of a double load. The method of laying out the curves in order to make a section of the n for a silo shown above is given. The complete circles can be laid off in this manner on any level piece of land or on a barn floor after laying out the circles, divide them into a number of equal parts in that the sections shall be alike, eight divisions generally being the most convenient, for then the sections are not too large to handle easily or making too many in number. Make all the joints between the sections in line with the center of the silo except one inside joint, which is cut on angle, as shown in the drawing, in order to permit removing the inner concrete forms. The section which is cut at an angle is placed last and removed first. The curved boards for the frames of the form sections can be cut either a one wide plank, as shown, or from two narrow planks which tacked together. The frames may be covered either with sheet iron or i thin boards 3 or 4 inches wide nailed endwise to the frame. The concrete forms can be made also by riveting angle irons to the sheet iron to en it instead of the wood shapes. While the metal form is more expensive if wood, if a number of silos are to be built, the first cost of the concrete forms can be larger, because it is divided among several. One man making a form of type can rent it to his neighbors, and in this way more than pay for the money spent in making the concrete forms. Excavate the earth to a depth below frost, which in the Northern Middle States is about 4 feet, while in the Southern States 3 feet, or even 6 feet, may be sufficient and of the required diameter. If the earth is hard will stand alone sometimes it is only necessary to excavate to the out diameter of the silo. In other cases the diameter of the circle for excavation must be 4 or 5 feet larger than the outside diameter of the silo, so as to a for a 2 or 2400t trench to make room for placing and removing the o form. Grease the concrete forms thoroughly. A mixture of fat or lard with kerosene makes good grease for oiling the concrete forms.

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