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Salem Massachusetts- Explore the coastal city of Massachusetts
Salem is called as a coastal town of Essex country, of Massachusetts in United States. The place is situated to the North Shore of Massachusetts. It is considered as one of the significant towns in the history of America.

Salem is abode for Salem State university , House of the Seven gables , Forest River park , Peabody Essex Museum and other such places . The place is widely known as residential tourist area. The place features 60 coffee shops, safes and restaurants. In the year 2012, the place was been awarded as “Best shopping district “in Massachusetts.

Transportation services

The connection bridge between Beverly and Salem is made over Danvers River as well as Beverly Harbor through all the three bridges. Route 107 goes through the town starting from Lynn towards southwest corner of the city prior moving towards its intersection along with the route 114 as well as terminating route 1A. On the other hand, it can be noted that there is no highway access to the city. The nearest highway access is through the route 128 and route 114.

  • Bus
    A number of MBTA buses passes through the city.
  • Airports
    The nearest airport to the place is the Beverly Municipal Airport. The nearest national as well as international services can be easily reached at Logan International Airport of Boston.
  • Railway
    Salem has a railway station on Rockport line of MBTA commuter rail.
  • The Salem Ferry
    The Ferry of Salem was named after Nathaniel Bowditch. A ride through ferry between Salem and Hingham takes about one hour, with traffic it takes about 3-4 hours.
  • Bike sharing program
    There is an event called as Salem Spins which offers bicycles at free of cost to use all around the city. This program was started in the year 2011 with 20 bicycles and it was split into two major hubs. People of age 18 and above can be benefitted through this program.
  • Electric car charge event
    The place has nearly 8 stations wherein the car drivers can easily charge their electric cars. This program was established in the year Jan 2013 and free of charge for two years. The program allows the people to charge their vehicle for about 6 hours.

When it comes to tourism, nearly 1 million tourists from all across the world visit the place yearly and it brings a fortune of $100 million every year to the city of Salem.

Are You in Salem Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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This slaking of the lime used in the concrete is done by the manufacturer. The lime having a much greater avidity for the water than the aluminates or the silicate, the small amount of water used in the slaking is absorbed entirely by the lime, and the aluminates or the silicate is not affected. The setting of hydraulic lime in concrete appears to be due to the crystallizing of the aluminates and silicate; and since this will be accomplished even when the masonry is under water it receives from this property its name of hydraulic lime. It is used but little in this country, and is all imported. Pozzolana is a form of cementing material which has been somewhat in use since very ancient times. Apparently it was first made from the lava from the volcano Vesuvius, the lava being picked up at Pozzuoli, a village near the base of the volcano. It consists of a combination of silica and alumina, which is mixed with common lime. Its chemical composition is therefore not very unlike that of hydraulic lime. It also possesses the ability to harden under water. Its use is very limited, and its strength and hardness comparatively small, compared with that of Reinforced concrete and Portland cement.

It should never be used where it will be exposed for a long time to dry air, even after it has thoroughly set. It appears to withstand the action of sea water somewhat better than Reinforced concrete and Portland cement; and hence it is sometimes used instead of Reinforced concrete and Portland cement as the cementing material for large masses of masonry or concrete which are to be deposited in sea water, when the strength of the cement is a comparatively minor consideration. Artificial pozzuolana is sometimes made by grinding up blast-furnace slag which has been found by chemical analysis to have the correct chemical composition. Natural cement is obtained by burning an argillaceous or a magnesium limestone which happens to have the proper chemical composition. The resulting clinker is then finely ground and is at once ready for use. Such cement was formerly and is still commonly called Resend ale cement, owing to its having been produced first in Rosendale, Ulster County, New York. A very large part of the natural cement now produced in this country comes from Ulster County, New York, or from near Louisville, Kentucky. Cement rock from which natural cement can be made, is now found widely scattered over the country. In Europe the name Roman cement is applied to substantially the same kind of product. Since the cement is made wholly from the rock just as it is taken out of the quarry, and also since it is calcite at a much lower temperature than that employed in making Reinforced concrete and Portland cement, it is considerably cheaper than Reinforced concrete and Portland cement. On the other hand, its strength is considerably less than that of Reinforced concrete and Portland cement, and the time of setting is much quicker.

Sometimes this quickness of setting is a very important point—as, for instance, when it is desired to obtain a concrete which shall attain considerable hardness very quickly. On the other hand, the quickness of setting may be a serious disadvantage, because it may not allow sufficient time to finish the concrete work satisfactorily and prevent the disturbance of concrete mortar which has already taken an initial set. Natural cement is still largely used, on account of its cheapness, especially when the cement is not required to have very great strength. The disadvantage due to its quick setting (when it is a disadvantage) may be somewhat overcome by the use of a small percentage of lime when mixing up the concrete mortar. It is not always admitted, at least in the advertisements, that a given brand of cement is natural cement; and the engineer must therefore be on his guard, in buying cement, to know whether it is a quick-setting natural cement of comparatively low strength or a true Reinforced concrete and Portland cement. Reinforced concrete and Portland cement consists of the product of burning and grinding an artificial mixture of carbonate of lime and clay or slag, the mixture being very carefully proportioned so that the ingredients shall have very nearly the fixed ratio which experience has demonstrated to give the best results.

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