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Berlin is a town in Massachusetts, located in Worchester County. It is situated approximately 40 miles away from the capital of Massachusetts, Boston, along the Route 62. The closest large city is Worcester Massachusetts that is around 15 miles away from Berlin. The town lies between two rivers, Nashua River, and Assabet River. The town has a total area of 16.1 square miles of which 1.22% is water.


Berlin was settled in 1665 and was incorporated in 1812. In the early ages, the residents of the town were mainly a residential, agricultural community, growing hay grains and raising cattle. After the Civil War, the town also had a shoe factory for awhile. After this short period, the town moved on to producing asparagus, hops and started raising chickens. By the end of the 1940s, 83,600 dozen eggs were sent to the market by Berlin.

The first Town Hall was built in 1831, but as the community grew they needed a larger one. Therefore, the town constructed the next town Hall between 1869 and 1870. The lot that is now facing the MeetingHouse Common was granted by Artemas Barnes. They have created a Memorial Hall in the building to honor soldiers of the Civil War, The World War I. and II., and the War of Vietnam. In 1988 the Town hall moved to the building of the local elementary school.


Since 1850, there was an increase in population. There were a coupleof decades when the population slightly decreased, but since the 1950’s it is growing steadily. On the 2010 census, there was a total of 2,380 residents in Berlin, 872 households, and 666 families. The population density became 184.1 persons per square mile. The average household size in Berlin was 2.72. Within the population 25% is under the age of 18, 5.3% is between 18 and 24, around 30% is between 25 and 44, 27% is between 45 and 64, and 12.4% is over 65 years.

The median household income in Berlin was $65,667, which means an average $76,419 income for families. The per capita income in Berlin was $28,915, and about 3.9% of the population is situated below the poverty line, that includes 6.5% from those under the age of 18, and 2.7% of those over 65 years.


There are three public schools in Berlin. There is the Assabet Valley Regional Vocational School, the Berlin Memorial School and the Tahanto Regional School. The LINK organization is the Berlin Memorial School’s parent-teacher organization that provides information, resources, and everything parents would need. The there is another organization, SEPAC, that help those parents who need to organize special education for their children with special needs. Berlin also has its own public library that was first built in 1891, within the previous Town Hall. Nowadays it has a separate building. The library serves every resident in the town, in their personal, educational, recreational, and occupational interests.

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The process of studying this or any other technical book consists in committing to memory with great exactness a series of abstract laws and building up in mind a series of definite pictures of the force systems, the structures and so on, which furnish concrete expressions of these laws. Read through any article of this text for the first time with the purpose of seeing the general outlines of the picture there presented. Do not try to fill in the details word by word at first. If the meaning of a sentence is not clear, pass on to the next explanation of the difficulty may be there. After the outline is seen, perhaps dimly, read through the article again with more attention to detail. Use scratch paper and pencil liberally. Make many sketches. No problem can be understood until all the elements are clearly placed. A book with empty margins has never been properly studied. Here should show neat notes and sketches in amplification and explanation. When a statement or equation is obscure determine what would be a correct statement and compare with that given. This book should be studied in connection with the larger reference works in this field, such as the first two books contain much valuable information on the many tests that have been made to verify theoretical reasoning. These test data should be carefully studied. Lastly - do not fail to read carefully Professor Geo. F. Swain's little book on "How to Study." The design of reinforced concrete structures involves two major problems: first, the determination of the type and general features of the structure required for the purpose in hand; second, the detailed proportioning of the various members, such as slabs, beams, columns and footings, which make up the whole. For example, the engineer who is planning a reinforced concrete factory must study the requirements of the manufacturing process to be housed therein and lay out a building whose arrangement as regards floor plan, column spacing, story height, lighting, and elevator service and so on, makes possible the utmost efficiency of production. The factory must be fitted to the manufacturing process. The general layout being settled, the engineer next proportions the reinforced concrete skeleton and records this design in the structural drawings. It is evident that these two major problems are closely interrelated; that decisions as to details of arrangement must constantly be based upon knowledge of the possibilities, limitations and economical use of the structural materials. Furthermore, the designer is responsible not only for the adequacy and strength of the structure but also for its durability, economy, and good appearance. It is not within the scope of this book neither to consider the first of these major problems of design nor to do more than introduce the reader to the elements of the second. Experience in active practice is necessary to give the knowledge and judgment necessary for the successful planning of structures since that requires familiarity with construction methods and with the costs of labor, of material, and of finished structures in whole and in detail. This elementary text is limited to a brief outline of the methods of making strong and durable concrete, and to a somewhat more thorough study of the application of the principles of theoretical mechanics to the proportioning of structural members, in conformity to the general usage of modern practice. In the United States modern practice has been standardized to conform fairly closely with the recommendations made by a "Joint Committee on Standard Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete," composed of representatives from five national engineering groups.' The first Joint Committee was organized in 1904 and ended its existence on the presentation of its third and final report in 1916. In 1919 the present Joint Committee was organized and has presented two reports, a "Tentative Specification" in 1921 which was in the nature of a progress report, and in 1924, one entitled "Standard Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete."

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