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Ashby is a small town on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, along the State Road 119. It is a small town with beautiful natural surroundings. It is 7.4 miles away from Fitchburg that is the 3rd largest in Worchester County, 25 miles from Concord and 42 miles from Boston.

Ashby lies on 24.4 square miles, of which 1.53% is water. The Willard Brook State Forest is located in the east from the town providing an excellent hiking opportunity as recreation for the locals.


There were 3,074 people living in Ashby during the 2010 census, which included 1,105 households and 862 families altogether. The population density was129.3 per square mile. The population consisted of 24.5% under the age of 18, 8% between 15 and 19, 4.6% between 20 and 24, 22.7% between 25 and 44, 35.6% between 45 and 60 and 10.5% over 65.

The median income of households of Ashby was $82,614 at the time of the census. The per capita income was $32,434, and 5% of the population is under thepoverty line, all of them are from the 65-and-over age group.


There is one elementary school in Ashby, the Ashby Elementary School, and a Library for locals. This Library was founded in 1874 by George S. Shaw and by 1890 it had a 1,584 volume collection. For other higher schooling, children have to go to the surrounding cities and towns. There are Hawthorne Brook Middle School or North Middlesex Regional High School in the area where children can continue their studies. Also, there are Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School and North Central Charter Essential School. Fitchburg that is only a 20 minutes’ drive from town has a State University.

About Ashby

Ashby was settled in 1676 then incorporated in 1767. It is an agricultural town where farming is very productive. They manufacture palm leaf hats which is the principal business in the town.

Natural Resources and Open Space Preservation

The area is rich in streams,ponds and interconnected open space that needs to be regulated. They have several plans for the future that includes protecting drinking water supplies by creating the opportunity for digging wells. To reach this goal, the leadership seeks for sponsors and fundraisers. Furthermore, they would like to protect the streams and ponds by pursuing conservation restrictions on sensitive upland buffer areas.

These acts also influence the biodiversity and wildlife habitat. They would like to ensure an undisturbed natural habitat for rare animals around the town, therefore they will build protected corridors for them and promote the best management practices.

At the same time, the leadership would like to preserve the rural scenic character of town so they are going to establish a new area of residential development that preserves open space.

With these and further housing development strategies, Ashby can grow to be a popular placefor families to live, as it is not far away from other major towns either.

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Once a concrete driveway is installed, the homeowner all but forgets it except in rainy weather, when he congratulates himself for having selected concrete, the most rigid and permanent of materials. Build the curbing first, and when the concrete forms are removed, draw a line indicating the top of the driveway on each curb. This line will serve as a guide in keeping the concrete cutting to grade. Because of the varying height of the concrete from driveway to top of curb it is impracticable to attempt the use of a screed, but a straight edge just short enough to set between the curbs will greatly assist the finishing of the concrete surface.

Affordable Concrete Cutting services Ashby Massachusetts and all surrounding cities and town. We provide concrete cutting and breaking services.

Expansion joints of tar or asphalt material, ¼” inch wide, should be installed every thirty feet transversely, and it is well to provide the same joint on at least one side of the concrete driveway against the curbing.

The concrete cutting should be performed in proportions of 1: 23/2:4, being 1 part of portland cement, 23 parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel graded in size from 34 inch to 1/3 inches. This concrete pavement should be kept wet for at least a week and should not be driven on during that time to insure the proper curing and strengthening of the concrete cutting. An entrance wide enough for a single car, widened at the garage to permit entering either door, conserves space and is economical to build. Such a treatment provides the utmost in service and satisfaction and requires no attention in later years.

An setting the concrete forms around the reverse curve make shallow diamond saw cuts about a foot apart in the back of the one inch side concrete form lumber. This will make it much easier to bend the concrete form to the exact measurements required. Set a straight concrete form on the center line of the wide section, and use this and the outside concrete form as a level to which the concrete cutting is screed with a straight edge. To attempt to surface the entire width at one time would be apt to develop hollows in the pavement which will be very noticeable, especially after a rain. The concrete cutting should be performed in proportions of 1: 23/2:4, being 1 part of portland cement, 23 parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel, graded from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inches in size.

Before pouring the second half of the wide section the concrete form must be removed and a 3/8-inch asphaltic expansion joint is substituted; also an expansion joint should be cut at the beginning of the approach, and at thirty-foot intervals over the entire distance to the curb or sidewalk.

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