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Cohasset is a small coastal town along Route 3A. It is located approximately 25 miles away from Boston. Houses are built in spectacular historical colonial style. Many of the residents commute daily to Boston by car, bus or boat. There are four shopping malls in Cohasset. The central village of Cohasset lies on the bank of the Common land with a small pond, called Meeting House Pond. There are historical buildings and churches around the Common.

Cohasset has three historical museums, active community and arts centers, a Music Circus, and a Swim Club. The area has three beaches open for visitors, recreational parks and trails for hikers, thatrun along beautiful forests and reservation lands.


The first European people came to Cohasset in 1614, when Captain John Smith was set to explore the coast of New England. However, the area became first settled only by 1670, and became independent from Hingham in 1770. Until that the town was considered to be the second parish of Hingham. Cohasset was officially incorporated as a separate town in 1775. Originally, Cohasset was part of Suffolk County until 1793, when the southern part of Suffolk was set off as Norfolk County. In 1803 however, Hull and Hingham joined Plymouth County that left Cohasset as an exclave of Norfolk.


The town has a total area of 31.5 square miles, of which 68.56% is water. It is located on the corner of the rocky South Shore. There are many brooks and rivers running through the town. The Little Harbor lies near the center of Cohasset, which is a large inlet of the ocean. The Wompatuck State Park and the Whitney and Thayer Woods Reservation occupies a large portion of town in the southwest. Near the Little Harbor there is a bird sanctuary area and the large Wheelwright Park. Cohasset has three beaches along the Bay, a yacht club, a sailing club and a boat launch for public use in Cohasset Harbor.


On the local level Cohasset is governed by the annual open Town Meeting that any citizen may attend. The town is led by a five-member Board of Selectmen and a Town Manager. The town manager is Christopher Senior. TheBoard of Selectmen is lead by Diane Kennedy. The schools of Cohasset are represented by the School Committee, who are Paul Schubert, Paul Ognibene, Jeanne Astino, Helene Lieb and Mary McGoldrick.


There were 7,261 residents in Cohasset at the Census of 2000. This included 2,603 households and 2,012 families. The population density in 2000 was 734.4 people per square miles. The population of Cohasset was built up by 27.9% of people under the age of 18, 3.5% between 18 and 24 years, 26.6% between 25 and 44 years, 26.6% between 45 and 64 years and 15.3% of the age of 65 or older. The median household income was $84,165, and the median family income was $100,137. $42,397 was the median income per capita.


Cohasset has its School department that educates over 1500 students. There are two elementary schools, and a combined middle/high school.

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Here is where a good concrete man draws upon his real knowledge of concrete, where he needs to know something not covered in specifications, and which he can know only from his own training and experience. A good concrete mixture, whether lean or rich, must be such that it will go into the forms and fill them without excessive labor in webbing or spading. We put the word fill in italics because we mean that the forms should be filled with concrete and not with air-holes and pockets. If the mixture is not well graded from cement to coarse aggregate, it will not fill properly, and no amount of water will correct this fault. What a concrete mixture needs to fulfill this requirement is a certain degree of plasticity or workability, a property which is hard to define, but one which we can illustrate in the following way: Suppose we make up a concrete mixture by starting with a rich bricklayer's mortar and adding to it gradually some course aggregate. At the start we have the mortar alone, which is very plastic and workable; it spreads easily, it can be made to fill any kind of a mold with little effort, and the water does not tend to separate from the mass. As we add the coarse aggregate these qualities become less marked; the mixture becomes harsher, it spreads less easily, more work is required to put it into a mold without leaving air-pockets, and the water tends to separate from the other ingredients. As a rule, this addition of coarse aggregate cannot be carried beyond a proportion of two volumes of aggregate to one of mortar without overloading the mixture and cutting its plasticity or workability below what is required for good concrete. On this account concrete proportions have almost always been required to have at least half as much fine aggregate as coarse, etc. This is hardly satisfactory in present-day practice, however, because such aggregates as crushed stone and crushed slag require more mortar to "carry" them than a rounded aggregate, and a poorly graded aggregate of any kind requires more mortar than a well-graded one. Further than this, the stone- carrying capacity of a mortar depends not only upon the richness of the mortar, but also on the gradation of the sand in the mortar. Everyone who has mixed and handled concrete knows that coarse sand or stone screenings make harsh working mixtures. We cannot specify a definite procedure that will insure good concrete mixtures under all circumstances. This depends upon the peculiarities of the aggregates available. But when a mixture will not go into place with a reasonable amount of effort and fill properly, there is something wrong with it, and some adjustment is needed. For this purpose admixtures of hydrated lime and other fine powders are sometimes used, or the desired improvement may be brought about by increasing the quantity, of sand. The disadvantage of using admixtures is that additional material has to be delivered to the job, and pound for pound they cost more than cement. The advantage of using an admixture, therefore, must, for economy, be weighed in comparison with the advantage of using a little more cement, with the further thought that an admixture of cement gives added strength as well as increased workability.

One of the most serious aspects of this lack of workability is the very common tendency to compensate for it by increasing the amount of mixing water. One of the most noticeable characteristics of harsh mixtures is that the water separates readily from the mass, and when this happens to any mixture, either in wheeling or placing in the forms, it is a safe bet that the mixture is too wet. The improvement in workability by adding excess water is apparent only, for segregation of the aggregates is thereby increased, and while the concrete may appear to go into the forms more readily, it goes in less uniformly, and we have in the finished product all the characteristics of poor concrete.

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