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Take a dive look into Norfolk Massachusetts

Norfolk is a well known town in Massachusetts, in United States having a population of 2010 as per 2010 census. Earlier it was known as North Wrentham. The town broke away and became independent town in the year 1870. It is a rural urban situated on the verge of metropolitian city, Boston. The place is located on the upper valley of Charles River. There were nearly half a dozen of small farms in Norfolk after 1669. This is was due to the result of determined effort in order to populate the colonial frontier. This was considered as a difficult task despite of having good agricultural lands and fresh water for farming, but the settlement was situated in a remote location.

Know about Geography of the place

As per latest United States census, Norfolk has a total area of 15.2 sq. miles (39 km2), out of which 14.8 sq. miles, i.e. 38 km2 is comprised of land and rest is water.

Some of the emergency services

The police department of the city is an independent department situated at the center of the city. The department is staffed totally by 17 officers and that includes chief police as well. The emergency medical services and fire department serves 24/7 since April 2001 and from 2004 onwards, they provide advanced life support services as well. The fire department of the city is staffed by 13 firefighters including fire chief officer.

On the other side, the fire and police communications department (it is also widely known as dispatch) and it is operated by a total of 4 full time dispatchers as well as 6 part time dispatchers. All these vital emergency services are situated on the town center of the Main Street.

Transportation system of Norfolk Massachusetts

The Airpark at Norfolk, i.e. FAA airport code 32M has a north-south runway about 2700 foot (820 m) and it is located at a distance of 3km west to the city center. It is closed now-a-days due to on-going renovation work. A wide array of new plans has been proposed for the purpose of new developments, particularly for the residential projects. The MBTA commuter railway station is located in Zone 5, at 9 Rockwood Road.

Education system of Norfolk Massachusetts

As of 2012 reports, there are 3 public schools situated within the town. They are H. Olive Elementary School (from pre-kg to 2nd grade), Freeman-Kennedy School (from 3rd grade to 6th Grade), and Kind Philip Regional Middle School (from 7th to 8th grade). Recently a public library has been opened in the town hall and it is considered as historical landmark as well.

Are You in Norfolk Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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Disinfect the freshly cut surfaces with a coat of creosote or crude petroleum oil. Heat some coal tar and apply a thick coat to the disinfected surfaces. This coat of tar applied thick serves as a plastic substance to prevent any cracks between the cement and the wood from shrinkage. The cavity, if it is a large one, may be reinforced to better hold the concrete in place with either some woven wire mesh reinforcement or with small steel rods placed across from side to side of the cavity. Cut back the bark for about 1/8 of an inch or so around the entire wound in order to prevent- bruising it while the work is in progress, and in order to get the cement perfectly 'flush with the wood, which cannot be done when the bark is not cut away. For a large cavity some kind of a form must be used to prevent the concrete from caving out when it is being placed. For this boards may be fitted to the opening, leaving a space at the top to pour in the concrete; or metal, like zinc or tin, may be thoroughly greased and tacked on. When it is ready mix up a batch of concrete composed of one part granulated Portland Cement, two parts of sand and four parts of screened gravel or stone made up to a rather stiff consistency, about like jelly. If the opening to the cavity is small, so that no form is required, trowel the surface of the concrete lightly so as to leave it smooth.

If the concrete is too soft to make a good vertical surface or if the upper part of the cavity is not entirely filled, wait for two or three hours until the concrete has begun to stiffen, ram it in again to completely fill the hole and then trowel the surface, adding a little stiff concrete if necessary. If concrete forms are used, remove them as soon as possible, either in a few hours or else the next day, and go over the surface so as to slightly roughen it and remove the form marks. The bark on a tree treated with concrete and in this way will grow over the concrete and in some cases not even leave a scar. Aquariums constructed of concrete can be made attractive and have been found very serviceable. Some of these concrete aquariums have been in service since 1904 and look as good to-day as when first made. Make the base or bottom of each tank IS by 31 inches and the vertical sides 13 by 15 inches, by 2 inches thick. Make the sides with vertical grooves 11/4 inches from the edge in order to set in the glass sides. Leave grooves in the bottom also so that the glass sides can be puttied in and be made watertight at the joints. During the past few years’ concrete blocks have been used extensively and many patents have been granted the manufacturers of concrete block machines for the various devices and methods employed. Buildings constructed with concrete blocks have proved satisfactory when the blocks have been made with care and with proper materials. Stucco work is cement plastering, and, in one form or another, has been in use for ages It is durable, artistic and impervious to weather.

For veneering new buildings, or protecting old structures, and wherever the cost of solid concrete is prohibitive, Portland Cement Stucco cannot be equaled. Stucco work may be used to cover wood, brick, stone or any other building material, provided special precautions are taken in preparing the surface properly so that it will adhere and not crack or scale off. The work should be done by an experienced plasterer. As a rule two coats are used—the first, a scratch coat composed of five parts granulated Portland Cement, twelve parts clean, coarse sand and three parts slaked lime putty and a small quantity of hair; the second, a finishing coat composed of one part granulated Portland Cement, three or even five parts clean, coarse sand and one part slaked lime paste. Should only one coat be desired the finishing coat is used.

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