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Nahant: A Resort Town In Massachusetts State

Nahant is one of the towns in the Essex province in the Massachusetts state in the United States. It is a resort metropolis of rocky coasts in a Southern most part of the Essex province. In the early days, this town is utilized as a grazing land for the goat, sheep and cattle flocks possessed by Lynn citizens. This town very soon turns into a marine community along with a modest population dedicated to fishing.


This resort town is covered for about 15.5 square miles, in that 14.4 square miles is covered by water bodies and only 1.0 square miles are covered by land. Nahant is a fixed island affiliated to the mainland by the Tombolo, efficiently a peninsula yet frequently indicated as an “island”. This town is linked by a raised track over wet ground (i.e., causeway) to the Lynn city.

Nahant is significantly separated into a Little Nahant and major portion, just north part of the major portion of Nahant across the eastern part of a Causeway. The area across the western part of Nahant, between Bass Point and Black Rock Point, it is the most overcrowded part of Nahant.

Nahant is one of the 4 towns among the 351 towns and cities in Massachusetts, which only contact one other town through the land. Only contacting 400 yard section of Lynn city by land, a water privilege of Nahant also contact those of Boston, Winthrop and Revere in the Suffolk province. Both by sea as well as by land, this town is the southernmost part of the town in Essex province. Nahant is located at the centered 25 miles through the land southwest of Cape Ann, 9 miles through the land south of Salem and 14 miles through the land northeast part of the Boston.

Facilities offered for Transportation

Nahant doesn’t incorporate any state routes of any type within this town, yet features one of fifteen within Massachusetts states which shares the distinction. The nearest route which lies within Lynn is Route 129. The adjacent highways are the highway section of the U.S. Route 128 and Interstate 95 in Peabody and Route in Saugus. The one and only crowd transportation within Nahant is nothing but a Route 439 of an MBTA Bus system that circles within Nahant before fleeting back into a Lynn city. This town also offers airport facilities for the flyers; the adjacent airport to Nahant is Logan International Airport in Boston city.

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The arch or concrete slab should be constructed during a dry spell, in order that little or no water need be taken care of in the ditch. The concrete forms for the slab may be made of wood if desired, or it can be constructed as follows: If the ditch is not entirely dry, place a closed wood concrete trough or a pipe in the bottom of the ditch, to take care of the small amount of water. Throw the earth which is excavated for the side walls into the ditch, and, if necessary, borrow sand from the bank beyond to bring the pile of sand to a height level with the bottom of the new arch or slab to be built and wet it thoroughly. Tamp this fill and level off the top of the pile. Place some boards for the concrete side walls, and brace them. Place the necessary reinforcement, upon which lay the concrete, composed of one part granulated Portland cement, with two parts clean, coarse sand and four parts screened gravel or stone. After the concrete has set for a week or two, shovel out the earth from under the arch, and the driveway is ready for use. Culvert driveways are used to span small, shallow runways of water.

The bore or opening through which the water passes is generally built circular, although a square or rectangular opening may be used as well. Line the bottom or invert of the opening with small cobble stones or gravel, from which the sand has been screened. To make a circular bore or opening, get two or three flour barrels or cement barrels, with the heads in, place them end to end on the cobble or gravel base just laid, and brace them in position so that they will not be moved when placing the concrete. If desired, a layer of concrete can first be laid in the bottom of the ditch, on which the barrels can be placed and braced. After placing the barrels and side concrete forms in position, lay the rest of the concrete, which should be composed of one part granulated Portland cement to two and one-half parts clean, coarse sand to five parts gravel or broken stone. The walls should be about 10 inches thick and the top of the arch 6 inches thick. To remove the concrete forms, knock in the heads of the barrels and pry out the staves. Concrete water pipes, which are covered over with earth, furnish a very good means for taking care of water underneath driveways. The pipes are constructed in the same manner as the nests must be cleaned artificially. The only sure way to clean a nest is by the burning out process. This is impossible, of course, where the nests are constructed of wood, and the only way therefore is to burn them every so often and build new ones. It is hardly necessary to state the advantages of a concrete nest, but a few of them are:

  1. That it is cool in summer and warm in winter;
  2. No draughts are possible, hence the hen will not acquire croup;
  3. They can be burnt out after each nesting so as to destroy all germs, leaving the nest clean and wholesome;
  4. If discolored by the fire the nest can be whitewashed after each firing.

A good size for a hen nesting house is 12 inches wide, 15 inches high and 18 inches deep inside dimensions.

The walls and back should be 2 inches thick, while the front is left entirely open, although if desired a lip or ledge can be cast on the front side. The ledge can be made out of wood and cut so that it fits snugly in the concrete and this can be removed very easily when cleaning the nests. The concrete forms are very simple, and are made so that a number of nests can be built with one set of concrete forms. The outside concrete forms consist of a rectangular box without any ends and each side made as a separate member so that they can be easily taken apart after the concrete has hardened. When nailing the sides together do not drive the nails home, but leave the heads so that they can be easily drawn with a claw hammer, or, better still, drive the nail first into a short piece of lath which can be easily split when the sides of the form are to be removed, and thus the heads of the nails will stick out from the concrete form 1/4 inch and can be easily pulled out. Nail the outside form together with the two bevel pieces for the top of the nest tacked in and place on either hard level ground or a plank floor or platform. Oil the concrete forms well so that they can be easily removed.

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