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Byfield is a small village that belongs to Newbury, in Essex County within Massachusetts. It lays along Route 95, approximately 35 miles away from Boston in the North. The village was officially established on 11, January 1826, with the first postmaster Benjamin Colman. Byfield was named after Judge Byfield because he donated the bell to the Byfield Parish Church.

The total area of land is 9588 square miles of which 0.3 square miles is water.

There are mainly residential homes in this village plus a couple of small businesses. The most successful business in this area was Byfield Snuff Company, around the beginning of the twentieth century.


Triton Regional High school is located in Byfield that serves three towns: Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury. The prep school Governor’s Academy is also found within the borders of Byfield that was previously known as Governor Dummer Academy.


By 2014 there were 3,013 residents in Byfield, and the population density was 314 people per Square mile. There is a slight increase in population since 1990 when there were 2305 residents in Byfield.

There were 998 households in Byfield around 2014 that consisted of 779 family households and 209 non-family households.

26.91% of the whole population is under the age of 18, 8.17% are between 18 and 24, 22.37% are between 25 and 44, 23.44% are between 45 and 64 and 12.26 are 65 or over.The median age of this area was 43.2 that is over the US average of 37.2.Approximately 60% of the people living in the area are married and 9.93% are divorced.

The females are in the majority in Byfield with 50.58%, and the males are in the minority with 49.42%.

The Festival of Byfield

Byfield organizes the Byfield Music and Arts Festival every year in June. This event is a day-long event. It is co-produced by Family Activities, Local Brewers, Visual Art, Food & Crafts Vendors, Live Music, and Arts Center. There are several music bands invited to this event to entertain people, so it provides a perfect free time activity for youngsters, families, and tourists as well.

The Arts Centre

The Arts Center of town is a well-known spot for culture. It began operating in 2006 and its budget is funded mainly by programming, hall rentals, donations, and grants. The Town Hall was built in 1898 and today it is open for performances, classes or any event that the audience seeks. The town owns this property and the supervisors are appointed by the town as well. Their mission is to improve the community through and with arts. Their main goal is to provide diverse program opportunities for residents at an affordable price. They would like to extend their services to the nearby towns as well.

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The proper protection of fresh concrete from drying out is second in importance only to its proportioning as to water content. This is especially a vital matter when concrete surfaces are exposed to wear. Concrete when deposited shall have a temperature of not less than 40° or more than 120°. In freezing weather suitable means shall be provided for maintaining the concrete, at a temperature of at least 50° for not less than 72 hours after placing, or until the concrete has thoroughly hardened. The methods of heating the materials and protecting the concrete shall be approved by the Engineer. Salt, chemicals, or other foreign materials shall not be mixed with the concrete for the purpose of preventing freezing, unless approved by the Engineer. Many disastrous failures have occurred through neglecting to protect fresh concrete from freezing. With proper care concrete construction may be carried on with perfect safety in the coldest weather if approved methods are followed. There are many reasons for requiring the engineer's approval, as in this specification. Overheating certain aggregates injures them. Neglect to provide moisture as well as heat in enclosed spaces weakens the concrete by too rapid drying. Fresh concrete that is set will not continue to harden if too cold. Ignorance of this fact may lead to too early removal of forms. The use of salt in the mixing water is apt to be injurious and is to be condemned. No chemical anti-freeze mixture should be used without the most searching investigation of its effects on all the important qualities of concrete. The Portland Cement Association publishes a very good pamphlet on "Concrete Work in Cold Weather. The advantages of the new alumina cements for cold weather concreting have already been pointed out. At the present time there is a large amount of concrete work done in the winter, resulting in large savings of the waste hitherto inherent in the industry when carried on as a seasonal occupation.

Concrete shall be deposited continuously and as rapidly as practicable until the unit of operation, approved by the Engineer, is completed. Before depositing new concrete on or against concrete which has set, the forms shall be retightened, the surface of the set concrete shall be roughened as required by the Engineer, thoroughly cleaned of foreign matter and laitance, and saturated with water. The new concrete placed in contact with hardened or partly hardened concrete, shall contain an excess of mortar to insure bond.' To insure this excess mortar at the juncture of the hardened and the newly deposited concrete, the cleaned and saturated surfaces of the hardened concrete, including vertical and inclined surfaces, shall first be sloshed with a coating of neat cement grout against which the new concrete shall be placed before the grout has attained its initial set. The methods, equipment, and materials to be used shall be submitted to and be approved by the Engineer before the work is started. Concrete shall be deposited by a method that will prevent the washing of the cement from the mixture, minimize the formation of laitance, and avoid flow of water until the concrete has fully hardened. Concrete shall be placed so as to minimize segregation of materials. Concrete shall not be placed in water having a temperature below 35°. Concrete to be deposited under water shall contain 1 bbl. (7 bags) or more of Portland cement per cubic yard of concrete in place. Coffer-dams shall be sufficiently tight to prevent flow of water through the space in which the concrete is to be deposited. Pumping will not be permitted while concrete is being deposited nor until it has fully hardened. Even so the joint is a plane of weakness, particularly as regards water tightness. Concrete should not be deposited under water if practicable to deposit in air. There is always uncertainty as to results obtained from placing concrete under water. Where conditions permit, the additional expense and delay of avoiding this method will be warranted.

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