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Haverhill is a city in Essex County, located approximately 35 miles away from Boston in the North. It lies on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, along Route 495.

Haverhill has a total area of 35.6 square miles of which 2.7 square miles is water. Haverhill is the largest city in Essex County.


The area of Haverhill was purchased from the Native Indian chiefs Saggahew and Passaquo, with the permission of Passaconaway. The land was originally known Pentucket, which is a native Indian word for “place for winding river”. The town was named after Haverhill England. The town was only incorporated in 1870.

Haverhill was a frontier town for many years. It has to face attacks from the native Indians that were sometimes accompanied by French colonial troops.

Haverhill was one of the earliest advocates of the abolition of slavery. The American Anti-Slavery Society was formed in Haverhill as well, in 1834.

In the 21stcentury, there has been an over $150 million worth of investment to develop the old factory district area. The city has also created a new boardwalk and boat docks in the downtown. The continuous development of the area makes it an attractive place to work and live.


The population has grown steadily since 1970. As of the census of 2010, there were 60,879 residents in Haverhill that included 25,576 households and 14,865 families. The population density was 1,846.5 people per square mile.

The average household size of Haverhill was 2.51 and the average family size was 3.11 at the time of the census.

The population consisted of 25.7% under the age of 18, 7.7% between the ages 18 to 24, 33.5% between the ages 25 and 44, 20.4% between the ages 45 and 64, and 28.8% who were 65 or older. 36 was the median age in the city in 2010.

The median household income was $49,833, and the median family income was $59,772. The per capita income was $23.280. Approximately 9.1% of the whole population of Haverhill was under the poverty line in 2010.


Haverhill runs the Haverhill Public Schools. There are two kindergartens, six elementary schools, four middle schools and a high school in the region.

Moreover, Haverhill is the home of the main campus of the Northern Essex Community College, which is a state-assisted, two-year term college. This college serves students from Merrimack Valley, and includes Southern-New Hampshire as well. At the moment there are approximately 16000 full and part-time students enrolled the college.

The University of Massachusetts at Lowell recently announced their interest in locating a satellite campus in Haverhill as well, and has already started the education.


Haverhill lies along the Interstate 495. Also, five routes are accessible from Haverhill, including 97, 108, 110, 113 and 125.

Haverhill is connected with Boston by the MBTA commuting railway system, on the Haverhill-Reading line. Besides that, Amtrak provides transportation to Portland, Maine and Boston as well. The local bus service is run by the MVRTA, the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority. The closest major international airport is the Logan International Airportin Boston.

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Wonderful as the development of the general industry has been, the growth of the Atlas Portland Cement Company's plants has been even more so. Beginning in 1892 at Coplay, Pa., with the modest capacity of 250 barrels per day, its production has steadily increased through the construction of plants Nos. 2, 3, and 4, at Northampton, Pa,, and plants Nos. 5 and 6, at Hannibal, Mo., until now the productive capacity is more than 40,000 barrels each twenty-four hours, or approximately fourteen million barrels per year. This production is greater than the capacity of any other Portland cement company in the world. Portland cement is manufactured from the finest raw materials, under expert supervision in every department of the works. It is of the highest quality, being guaranteed to pass all usual and customary specifications, such as the specifications of the United States Government and those of the American Society for Testing Materials, which latter specifications have been concurred in by The American Institute of Architects, The American Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association, and The Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers. The quality of eastern and western granulated is identical. By virtue of its enormous production, The Atlas Portland Cement Company is able to develop and retain in its service the most skilled operating talent in the Portland cement industry, which insures a thoroughly reliable and uniform product. Portland cement is guaranteed to be "ALWAYS UNIFORM Concrete,” which is really an artificial stone, is made by mixing pieces of stone, such as broken granite or hard limestone, which may vary in size from a walnut to a hen's egg, with clean, coarse sand and first-class Portland cement, using enough water to make a mushy mixture about like heavy cream. The cement and water make the mass begin to stiffen in about half an hour, and in from to 24 hours it becomes hard enough so that an impression cannot readily be made by pressing on it with the thumb. In a month's time the entire mass becomes one hard stone. Conglomerate or pudding stone in nature is really natural cement concrete, the large and small particles of pieces of stone and sand being cemented together in the course of ages in a similar way to that by which cement is made. Where a very strong mortar is required for laying brick or stone, Portland cement may be mixed with sand in proportions one part Portland cement to two and one-half parts sand. A characteristic of Portland cement is that it gives an especially greasy mortar. A mortar nearly as strong as the above, and which works still better under the trowel, can be made by mixing one bag Portland cement with one barrel of clean sand and one-half pail of lime putty. The lime putty is made by thoroughly slaking quick lime. The longer the time the putty can stand before using the better it is. It must never be used when hot or until the lime is thoroughly slaked. When laying up brick and stone with any kind of mortar they must be thoroughly wet. Always use the best Portland cement obtainable. Natural cement is not suitable for concrete. Whatever the kind of cement, unless it is of first-class quality, it may give trouble by not setting up and hardening properly. Portland cement is manufactured from a mixture of two materials, one of them a rock like limestone, or a softer material like chalk, which is nearly pure lime, and another material like shale, which is a hardened clay or else clay itself. In other words, there must be one material which is largely lime and another material which is largely clay, and these two be mixed in very exact proportions determined by chemical tests, the proportions of the two being changed every few hours, if necessary, to allow for the variation in the chemical composition of the materials. PORTLAND CEMENT then is made by quarrying each of these two materials, crushing them separately, mixing them in the exact proportions, and grinding them to a very fine powder.

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