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Take a plunge into Rockport Massachusetts
Rockport is one of the towns is Essex country, in Massachusetts, of United States. The population of the place was approximately about 6952 as per 2010 census. The place is located 40 miles to the northeast of the Boston to the tip of Cape Ann peninsula. Rockport is situated directly to the east side of Gloucester and is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean on all the three sides.

History of Rockport- You need to know about

Initially, Rockport consisted of summer homes, large estates as well as small fishing village. It was declared as a separate town in the year 1840 as the people residing over there desired a separate place along with desired own identity. The demand of high grade was enhanced during industrial revolution and the quarries of the place become vital source of stone.

The demand for granite gradually decreased due to increase in the use of concrete during great depression period. Rockport was yet thrived as the artist’s colony and it started as the place was considered as a vacation spot. The place is a home for number of artists and is also called as Rockport Art Association.

Notable events of the place
Listed below are some of the vital events of Rockport:

  • In the year 1856, nearly a group of 200 women headed by Hannah Jumper cleaned throughout the town and then destroyed all the items containing alcohol. Alcohol was banned from the town completely.
  • Except during 1930’s, the town remained as one of the 15 dry towns in Massachusetts and it remained dry for many years till 2005.Though alcohol is permitted to serve at the restaurants, but liquors are completely banned and is illegal as well.

Transportation amenities at Rockport

The place is served by 12 weekday trains to Boston via one terminus of MBTA line. The buses transit all through the area provided by Cape Ann Transportation Authority.

Film set in Rockport

  • Harbor master (1957-1958), an adventurous TV series.
  • Stigma(1972)
  • Coma(1978)
  • Mermaids(1990)
  • The Love letter(1999)
  • Stuck on you(2003)
  • Edge of Darkness(2010)
  • The Good Son(1993)

Escape to historic place Rockport for lovely beaches, boulder paths via woods and glades. Boston is just one hour drive from Rockport. In that one hour pleasant drive to Boston, you can enjoy a viewing a romantic getaway, unique shopping experience and exquisite dining year around.

Are You in Rockport Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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The size of the openings (the cores) varies from one-third to one-half of the surface of the top or bottom of the concrete block. The building laws of many cities state that the openings shall amount to only one-third of the surface. For any ordinary purpose, concrete blocks with 50 percent open space are stronger than necessary. The material for making concrete blocks consists of reinforced concrete and Portland cement, sand, and crushed stone or gravel. Owing to the narrow space to be filled with concrete, the stone and gravel are limited to one-half or three-quarters of an inch in size. At least one-third of the material, by weight,, should be coarser than k inch. A concrete block made with gravel or screenings (sand to 3-inch stone), with proportions of 1 part Reinforced concrete and Portland cement to 5 parts screenings, will be as good as a concrete block with 1 part Reinforced concrete and Portland cement and 3 parts sand. These materials will be further treated under the headings of “Reinforced concrete and Portland cement," "Sand," and "Stone."

The proportions generally used in the making of concrete blocks, vary from a mixture of 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, and 4 parts stone, to a mixture of 1 part cement, 3 parts sand, and 6 parts stone. A very common mixture consists of 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, and 5 parts stone. A denser mixture may be secured by varying these proportions somewhat; that is, the maker may find that he secures a more compact concrete block by using 2 parts sand and 4 parts stone; but a leaner mixture than 1 2:5 is not to be recommended. In strength this mixture will have a crushing resistance far beyond any load that it will ever have to support. Even a mixture of 1: 3: 6 or 1: 3-: 7 will be stronger than necessary to sustain any ordinary load. Such a mixture, however, would be porous and unsatisfactory in the wall of a building. Concrete blocks, in being handled at the factory, carted to the building site, and in being placed in the wall, will necessarily receive more or less rough handling; and safety in this respect calls for a stronger concrete block than is needed to bear the weight of a wall of a building. For a high-grade water-tight concrete block, a 1: 2:4 or a 1:2:4 mixtures is generally used. Concrete blocks made with dry concrete will be soft and weak, even if they are well sprinkled after being taken out of the forms. Concrete blocks that are to be removed from the machine as soon as they are made will stick to the plates and sag out of shape, if the concrete is mixed too wet. Therefore there should be as much water as possible used, without causing the concrete block to stick or sag out of shape when being removed from the moulds.

This amount of water is generally 8 to 9 percent of the weight of the dry mixture. To secure uniform concrete blocks in strength and color, the same amount of water should be used for each batch. The concrete should be mixed in a batch mixer, although good results are obtained in hand-mixed concrete. The tamping is generally done with hand-rammers. Pneumatic tampers, operated by an air compressor, are used successfully. Molding concrete by pressure is not successful unless the concrete is laid in comparatively thin layers. The concrete blocks are removed from the machine on a steel plate, on which they should remain for 24 hours. The concrete blocks should be protected from the sun and dry winds for at least a week, and thoroughly sprinkled frequently. They should be at least four weeks old before they are placed in a wall. If they are built up in a wall while green, shrinkage cracks will be apt to occur in the joints. For appearance, a facing of a richer mixture is often used, generally consisting of 1 part cement to 2 parts sand. The penetration of water may be effectively prevented by this rich coat. Care must be taken to avoid a seam between the two mixtures. Concrete blocks are made with either a plane face, or of various ornamental patterns, as tool-faced, paneled, rock-faced, etc.

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