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Wenham Massachusetts- An amazing place to explore vacation at your own pace
The town of Wenham is situated in Essex country, in Massachusetts of United States. The town came into inception in the year 1636, but it was officially incorporated in the year 1643. Satisfyingly, the town has sustained its historic characters as well as its rural scenery. Wenham is a town being opened to many lakes, woodlands, and farm lands. The place also features approximately 300 acres of parks, recreational lands and playgrounds.

Wenham is closely situated to its neighboring town known as “Hamilton” that shares a school system, recreation department, newspaper and commuter rail station and state of art library. To augment the backdrop of the town, the community is truly blessed to have active and involved citizens in all the town activities. Their main goal is to safeguard their precious natural assets for their future generations.

The town is just proud of its unique historic past, responsible local government, dedicated and able volunteers and its excellent schooling system. The improvement society of the town gives free lunch for the voters on every Saturday’s meeting. A walk down the streets of Wenham gives a timeless view of amazing old homes, yards, gardens, friendly and friendly faces of locals.


Wenham is located to Northeastern part of Massachusetts. The town is surrounded by Hamilton towards north, Manchester towards east, Beverly towards south, Topsfield and Danvers towards West. Wenham is located 235 miles from New York and 22 miles to the north of Boston.

Education system of Wenham Massachusetts

Wenham has a well reputable Gordon College, a private Christian College. The larger part of schools is situated in Hamilton. Buker elementary school is situated in Wenham. However, the administrative offices of all the schools in the district are situated in Wenham. Hamilton- Wenham has highest graduates rates in the district, i.e. 96.8%.

As per February 2016, it is stated that new girl’s high school of catholic tradition is expected to set up in Penguin Hall which was former advertising headquarters. And this new school will be known to the people as” The Academy at Penguin Hall” and it was inaugurated at the end February 2016

Places of attraction

Listed below are some of the popular places of attraction in Wenham Massachusetts:

  • Wenham Museum (1922)
  • Wenham Lake
  • Grand Wenham Canal(1917)
  • Claflin Richards House (1690)
  • Newman Fiske Dodge House(1658)

Are You in Wenham Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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Mr. Turner's company has recently torn down a one-story reinforced concrete building erected by his company in 1902, at New Brighton, Staten Island. The building had a concrete foundation, the concrete being cut off at mean tide level. The concrete footings, side walls, columns, and roof were' all constructed of reinforced concrete. The portion removed was 30 by 60 feet, and was razed to make room for a five-story building. In concluding his account, Mr. Turner says: "All steel reinforcement was found in perfect preservation,' excepting in a few cases where the hoops were allowed to come closer than inch to the surface. Some evidence of corrosion was found in such cases, thus demonstrating the necessity of keeping the steel reinforcement at least 1 inch from the surface. The footings were covered by the tide twice daily. The concrete was extremely hard, and showed no weakness whatever from the action of the salt water. The steel bars in the footings were perfectly preserved, even in cases where the concrete protection was only 34 inch thick." Professor Norton made several experiments with concrete bricks, 3 by 3 by 8-inch, in which steel rods, sheet metal, and expanded metal were imbedded.

The specimens were enclosed in tin boxes with unprotected steel, and were exposed for three weeks. One portion was exposed to steam, air, and carbon dioxide; another to air and steam; another to air and carbon dioxide; and another were left in the testing room. In these tests, Portland cement was used. The bricks were made of neat cement of 1 part cement and 3 parts sand; of 1 part cement and 5 parts stone; and of 1 part cement and 7 parts cinders. After the steel had been imbedded in these blocks three weeks, they were opened and the steel examined and compared with specimens which had been unprotected in corresponding boxes in the open air. The unprotected specimens consisted of more rust than steel; the specimens imbedded in neat cement were found to be perfectly protected; the rest of the specimens showed more or less corrosion. Professor Norton's conclusions were as follows: Neat Portland cement is a very effective preventive against rusting. Concrete, to be effective in preventing rust, should be dense and without voids or cracks. It should be mixed wet when applied to steel. The corrosion found in cinder concrete is mainly due to iron oxide in the cinders, and not to sulfur. Cinder concrete, if free from voids and well rammed when wet, is about as effective as stone concrete. It is very important that the steel be clean when imbedded in concrete.

The various tests which have been conducted, including the involuntary tests made as the result of fires, have shown that the fire-resisting qualities of concrete, and even resistance to a combination of fire and water, are greater than those of any other known type of building construction. Fires and experiments which test buildings of reinforced concrete have proved that where the temperature ranges from 1,400° to 1,900° F., the surface of the concrete may be injured to a depth of 1inch or even of two inches but the body of the concrete is not affected, and the only repairs required, if any, consist of a coat of plaster. The theory given by Mr. Spencer B. Newberry is that the fireproofing qualities of Portland cement concrete are due to the capacity of the concrete to resist fire and prevent its transference to steel by its combined water and porosity.

In hardening, concrete takes up 12 to 18 percent of the water contained in the cement. This water is chemically combined, and not given off at the boiling point. On heating, a part of the water is given off at 5000 F., but dehydration does not take place until 900° F. is reached. The mass is kept for a long time at comparatively low temperature by the vaporization of water absorbing heat. A steel beam imbedded in concrete is thus cooled by the volatilization of water in the surrounding concrete.

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