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Burlington is located in Massachusetts, approximately 15 miles away from Boston in the northwest. It lays along Route 128.


The town was first settled in 1641 when English settlers came to live in this area. Therefore it is believed that the name ‘Burlington’ derives from the English ‘Bridlington’, in Yorkshire. Burlington officially got incorporated on February 28, 1799. Many of the old homesteads are still standing, just like the Francis Wyman house that was built in 1666. During the colonial times, there were many mills along Vine Brook that flows towards the Shawsheen River.

By today, Burlington became a suburban industrial town, but in the history it was largely agricultural, growing hops and rye, mainly selling to Boston. It also dealt with curing meat, produce milk, and grow vegetables for Boston. The construction of Route 128 changed this agricultural life drastically. The start of the construction marked the kickoff of an enormous expansion and development between 1955 and 1965. By 1960, the population grew by 295.4% making Burlington one of the fastest growing town in the state.


During the census of 2010, there were 24.498 residents in Burlington, 9.668 households, and 6,374 families. There were altogether 8,455 housing units that gave an average density of 2,087.7 per square mile. The average size of households was 2.76 and the average size of families was 3.18. At the time of the census the population spread out with 23.6% under the age of 18, 6.3% between 18 and 24, 31.1% between 25 and 44, 25.2% between 45 and 64, and 13.9% were 65 years old or over.

The median income for a household was $86,052, and the median income for a family was $99,123, according to a 2007 estimate. The per capita income was $30,732. About 1.9% or the whole population fell under the poverty line. By 2014, 19.5% of the population of Burlington were born outside of the United States.


Burlington, as most of the towns in Massachusetts, is governed by a 126 member Town Meeting, and a five-member Board of Selectmen. The first is the legislative branch and the latter is the executive branch of government. The current town administrator is John Petrin, his assistant is Thomas Hickey and the Town Accountant is Paul Sagarino.


There are six public schools in Burlington, out of which there are four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The Shawsheen Valley Technical High School also serves the town of Burlington as well. Besides all these, there are several private schools located in Burlington. The town operates several types of pre-school and after-school programs, plus the Burlington Recreational Department makes sure to provide various programs for children and adults as well.

Conservational areas

The Burlington Conservation Commission manages over 250 acres of permanently protected open spaces. Their main aim is to protect the natural resources and the rare flora and fauna, but these areas are open to the public as well, providing a great pastime activity for hikers and families.

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The mixing of each concrete batch shall continue not less than one minute after all the materials are in the mixer, during which time the mixer shall rotate at a peripheral speed of about 200 ft. per mm." There is a considerable gain in strength if the mixing is carried on for a longer interval. The 1916 Joint Committee recommended it minutes. When hand-mixing is authorized by the Engineer it shall be done on a water-tight platform. The cement and flue aggregate shall first be mixed dry until the whole is of a uniform color. The water and coarse aggregate shall then be added and the entire mass turned at least three (3) times, or until a homogeneous mixture of the required consistency is obtained. The re-tempering of concrete or mortar which has partly hardened, that is, remixing with or without additional cement, aggregate, or water, will not be permitted. Before beginning a run of concrete, hardened concrete and foreign materials shall be removed from the inner surfaces of the mixing and conveying equipment. Before depositing concrete debris shall be removed from the space to be occupied by the concrete; forms shall be thoroughly wetted (except in freezing weather), or oiled. Reinforcement shall be thoroughly secured in position and approved by the Engineer. Concrete shall be handled from the mixer to the place of final deposit as rapidly as practicable by methods which prevent the separation or loss of the ingredients. It shall be deposited in the forms as nearly as practicable in its final position to avoid re-handling. It shall be so deposited as to maintain until the completion of the unit, a plastic surface approximately horizontal. Forms for walls or other thin sections of considerable height shall be provided with openings, or other devices, that will permit the concrete to be placed in a manner that will avoid accumulations of hardened concrete on the forms or metal reinforcement. Under no circumstances shall concrete that has partly hardened be deposited in the work. When concrete is conveyed by chute, the plant shall be of such size and design as to insure a practically continuous flow in the chute. The angle of the chute with the horizontal shall be such as to allow the concrete to flow without separation of the ingredients.' The delivery end of the chute shall be as close as possible to the point of deposit. When the operation is intermittent, the spout shall discharge into a hopper. The chute shall be thoroughly flushed with water before and after each run; the water used for this purpose shall be discharged outside the forms. An angle of 27° or one vertical to two horizontal, is the minimum slope which is considered permissible. Chatting through a vertical pipe is satisfactory when the lower end of the pipe is maintained as nearly as practicable, to the surface of deposit and the pipe full. Concrete, during and immediately after depositing, shall be thoroughly compacted by means of suitable tools. For thin walls or inaccessible portions of the forms, where rodding or forking is impracticable, the concrete shall be assisted into place by tapping or hammering the forms opposite the freshly deposited concrete. The concrete shall be thoroughly worked around the reinforcement, and around embedded fixtures, and into the corners of the forms.

Experiment has shown that thorough rodding of laboratory specimens increases their strength as much as 100 percent. Water shall be removed from excavations before concrete is deposited,' unless otherwise directed by the Engineer. Any flow of water into the excavation shall be diverted through proper side-drains to a sump, or be removed by other approved methods which will avoid washing the freshly deposited concrete. Water vent pipes and drains shall be filled by grouting, or otherwise, after the' concrete has thoroughly hardened. Exposed surfaces of concrete shall be protected from premature drying for a period of at least seven (7) days after being deposited.

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