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A city guide to Tyngsboro Massachusetts
Tyngsborough is one of the small residential communities situated to the northwest section of the Middlesex country of Massachusetts. The town is composed of 17.86 sq.miles of land and surface water. The town is bordered by Groton, Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable and city of Lowell. The town is called as “The gateway to White Mountains “. Merrimack River bisects the town.

In 23rd February 1809, Tyngsborough came into inception as a town by breaking away from Dunstable. With the increase in the population of the town, Tyngsborough became well known for its box companies, quarries and ferries. After late 1960’s, the town was vacational community with huge influx of tourists.

The town is famous all across the world of its green painted and single arch iron bridge constructed over Merrimack River in 1931. This bridge became emblem of the town. More specifically, it became a major river for crossing New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Due to serious repair work, the bridge was replaced by a virtual structure while the work is under progress and the work was completed during April 2012.

Transportation facilities at Tyngsboro Massachusetts

The LRTA bus 10 connects to eastern region of Tyngsboro along with Dracut, Massachusetts as well as Lowell train station on MBTA Commuter Rail Lowell Line.

Education system of Tyngsboro

The public school at Tyngsboro is neighboring to the surrounding town. It supports three schools containing a total strength of nearly 2300 students.

  • Elementary school(pre-kg to 5th grade)
  • Middle school( 6th to 8th grade)
  • High School( 9th to 12th grade)

Besides these educational institutions, the town is a home to Greater Lowell Technical High School. It is a public vocational school and it serves all the towns of Tyngsborough, Lowell, Dunstable and Dracut. The Academy of Notre Dame is a private school in the town.

There are no universities or colleges situated in Tyngsborough. Albeit, Boston university was once maintained as a corporate educational center, Tyngsborough.

Another school named Winslow school was situated on Winslow Drive. The school was established in 1895 and was closed in early 2000’s. This school was named after Sarah Winslow, who gained trust from Harvard College and she gets regular to the school. The building was two storeys and has playing field at the back. As of 2014 reports, the school yet lies abandoned in the town center of Tyngsborough.

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In some experiments made on dry, medium, and wet mixtures it was found that the medium mixture was the most dense, wet next, and dry least. This experimenter concluded that the medium mixture is the most desirable, since it will not quake in handling, but will quake under heavy ramming. He found medium 1 percent denser than wet and 9 percent denser than dry concrete; he considers thorough ramming important. Concrete is often used so wet that it will not only quake but flow freely, and after setting it appears to be very dense and hard, but some engineers think that the tendency is to use far too much rather than too little water, but that thorough ramming is desirable. In thin walls very wet concrete can be more easily pushed from the surface so that the mortar can get against the forms and give a smooth surface. It has also been found essential that the concrete should be wet enough so as to flow under and around the steel reinforcement so as to secure a good bond between the steel and concrete.

Following are the specifications of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association: "The concrete shall be of such consistency that when dumped in place it will not require tamping; it shall be spaded down and tamped sufficiently to level off and will then quake freely like jelly, and be wet enough on top to require the use of rubber boots by workman." Concrete is usually deposited in layers of 6 inches to 12 inches in thickness. In handling and transporting concrete, care must be taken to prevent the separation of the stone from the mortar. The usual method of transporting concrete is by wheel-harrows, although it is often handled by cars and carts, and on small jobs it is sometimes carried in buckets. A very common practice is to dump it from a height of several feet into a trench. Many engineers object to this process as they claim that the heavy and light portions separate while falling and the concrete is therefore not uniform through its mass, and they insist that it must be gently slid into place. A wet mixture is much easier to handle than a dry mixture, as the stone will not so readily separate from the mass. A very wet mixture has been deposited from the top of forms 43 feet high and the structure was found to be waterproof. On the other hand, the stones in a dry mixture will separate from the mortar on the slightest provocation. Where it is necessary to drop a dry mixture several feet, it should be done by means of a chute or pipe. Immediately after concrete is placed, it should be rammed or puddle, care being taken to force out the air-bubbles.

The amount of ramming necessary depends upon how much water is used in mixing the concrete. If a square, very wet mixture is used, there is danger of too much ramming, which results in wedging the stones together and forcing the cement and sand to the surface. The chief object in ramming a very wet mixture is simply to expel the bubbles of air. The style of rammer ordinarily used depends on whether a dry, medium, or very wet mixture is used. A rammer for dry concrete is shown; and one for wet concrete. In very thin walls, where a wet mixture is used, often the tamping or mixing is done with a part of a reinforcing bar. A common spade is often employed for the face of work, being used to push back stones that may have separated from the mass, and also to work the finer portions of the ij mass to the face, the method being to work the spade up and down the face until it is thoroughly, filled Care must be taken not to pry with the spade, as this will spring the forms unless they are very strong. To secure a water-tight joint between old and new concrete, requires a great deal of care. Where the strain is chiefly compressive, as in foundations, the surface of the concrete laid on the previous day should be washed with clean water, no other precautions being necessary.

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