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Ayer is a town in Middlesex Massachusetts, which was originally part of Groton. The town was incorporated in 1871 and later became an important commercial railroad junction. It is located approximately 36 miles away from Boston, along the Road 2A.

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority provides the Councils-On-Aging Service. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority takes care of Ayer’s transportation along the Fitchburg line. It is easy to access the surrounding larger cities such as Boston.


The area of Ayer was inhabited by Nipmuc Indians who originally called this territory Nainacocius. The town was incorporated in 1667 and was named after Dr. James Cook Ayer, who financially supported the construction of the Town Hall. In the early times, Ayer was an agricultural community. Later on, there was a period of rapid railroad construction which greatly contributed to the development of the town. The Ayer Junction had four intersecting railroads. The Fitchburg Railroad (1844) is still in operation and points in New York State.The Peterborough and Shirley Railroad (1848) is still active on the Greenville Industrial Track and that serves two customers on line. The Worchester and Nashua Railroad (1848), which southern branch is still in operation as a freight line, but the northern part today is abandoned. Finally, the Stony Brook Railroad (1848) that is still in operation as a freight line.


There were 7,427 residents in Ayer during the 2010 census. This gave 3,118 households and 1,831 families. The population density was 825.2 per square mile. 22.6% was under the age of 18, 7.5% was between 15 and 19, 6.7% was between 20 and 24, 28.1% was between 25 and 44, 28.1% was between 45 and 64, and 11.4% is older than 64. The median household income in Ayer was $54,899, which meant $32,179 per capita. Unfortunately, approximately 8% of the families and 12.8% of the whole population is under the poverty line. This percentage includes 12.5% from under the age of 18 and 9.9% of people over 65.


Ayer has a five-member Board of Selectmen, and it is governed by the Town Meeting, as most of the New England towns do. Anyone can attend these meetings, but only registered voters may vote. They held the Annual Town Election on April 25, 2016, where 675 people voted, out of the total 5,095.


Ayer has four public schools. There is the Page Hilltop Elementary school for the youngest ones, Ayer/Shirley Regional Middle school for 6-8 graders and Ayer/Shirley Regional School where 9-12 graders go. There’s another school, the Francis W. Parker Elementary School, in Devens.


It was established in 1917, originally called Camp Devens, but later got the name, Fort Devens. It was a base for military soldiers. It was closed in 1996 as a military base but was immediately reopened as a training area. It is much smaller nowadays than it used to be in the past but still provides excellent sporting opportunities.

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At the end of the concrete curing period the layer of earth is removed and the new concrete pavement is then ready for use. Concrete cutting of the expansion joints shows a somewhat different arrangement and demonstrates effectively the possibilities of concrete in the adornment of suburban property. Such a concrete cutting provides a small community parking space as well as an attractive sanitary permanent concrete driveway in all weather. We provide concrete cutting, sawing, core drilling and coring services to Ayer Massachusetts and all surrounding cities and towns including Devens. A concrete garage entrance and turnstile is always desirable. The picture shows a somewhat different arrangement and demonstrates effectively the possibilities of concrete in the adornment of suburban property. Such a treatment provides a few larger community parking spaces as well as the same attractive sanitary permanent drive. A combination garage entrance and turnstile is diamond sawed at the same time. The concrete curb approaches and the gutter cannot be poured until the concrete forms have been removed from the concrete in the sidewalk and curb. Construction expansion joints should be cut in the concrete sidewalk every five feet, making five-foot squares; in the gutter they should be spaced not more than ten feet apart. One-quarter inch expansion joints should be cut into the sidewalk every twenty-five feet; in the gutter every twenty feet, and in the concrete curb every fifty feet. Expansion joints should be placed at one end of the curb approach slab and should separate the curb from the gutter. Cutting will prevent the concrete curb from tipping. Plan and cross-section of sidewalk, curb, and gutter. The concrete should be mixed in proportions of 1: 21/2:4, being 1 part portland cement, 21 parts of sand, and 4 parts of crushed stone and gravel, graded in size from 3/4 inch to 1 inch. The surface of the concrete walk, curb approach, and gutter should be finished with a wood float only. A concrete edging tool should be used to round the curb edges. The curb can be rubbed with an abrasive stone to remove concrete form marks and improve its appearance. Curing should take at least a week for sidewalk; curb approach and curb, and two weeks for the gutter. This type of concrete cutting is meeting with great favor in all parts of Massachusetts, and particularly in residential districts, where it’s neat and pleasing appearance blends harmoniously with its surroundings. The fact that the face of the concrete curb slopes back proves most satisfactory in that it does not scrape or injure tires of cars parked close to the curb. Concrete forms are usually used to shape curbs; however, it has often proved advisable to use a very stiff or dry mixture and shape the concrete curb to contour by the use of special concrete forms of screeds and trowels. Concrete forms are simple to build and set. We use a core drill and a diamond core drill bit to drill perfectly round holes in concrete surfaces and structures. A core hole is drilled in the top of the curb through which the concrete may be deposited and spaded. The concrete forms should be removed as soon as the concrete is hard enough, and the surface should be entirely gone over, all holes filled and worked with a cement trowel to give the curb a uniform appearance. The concrete should be 1:2: 3, being 1 part of portland cement, 2 parts of sand, and 4 parts of gravel or crushed stone graded in size from 4 inch to 1 inch.

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