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Milton is a town located in Massachusetts, United States. It has a population of around 27,003 proud residents. It’s the birthplace of former president, George W. Bush, and has a rich history and cultural heritage. It’s also located approximately 20 minutes from the Greater Boston area, giving residents quick access to work or play in the neighbouring metropolitan region. Milton was recently ranked second on Money Magazine’s list of Best Places to Live – making it the third time in five years to have made it on the list of America’s best small towns. The town has taxes that are higher than usual, butresidents believe it’s a small price to pay to sustain and further develop the schooling system – an integral aspect of the community. They recently built new buildings and also have a French immersion program, starting as early as elementary school – one of the few school systems to do so.

For a small town, Milton attracts a large crowd with its variety of historic and cultural sites. The Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, also known as the Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center, is one of the oldest active weather and climate monitoring stations in the United States. Milton is also home to the National Historic Landmark, the Captain Robert Bennet Forbes House, formerly known as American China Trade Museum. The house, furnished with art, and American, European and Old China Trade heirlooms, shows the story of the Forbes family who were involved in the China Trade in the mid to late 1800s. Milton’s rich history, however, goes further back in time.

Milton was inhabited by native people, belonging to the Neponset tribe, before it was settled in 1640 by Puritans from England. Over the next few years, more European settlers along with their families came aboard ships to the region of Dorchester – the town Milton was formerly under. Shortly after, residents of the south of Dorchester petitioned the Government of Massachusetts to give them permission to separate – and in 1662 Milton was born. Over the course of the 18th century, Milton was further developed. The potential of the town was recognized by investors from Boston who funded developments of an iron slitting mill, paper and sawmills, and New England’s first chocolate factory, the Walter Baker Chocolate Factory. The town developed rapidly with the construction of the Granite Railway and street car lines, attracting many more residents to the community. The rich history and culture and growing future, shows how Milton has earned its spot as the second best place to live in the United States.

Are You in Milton Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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A quality sealant should prevent any leakage in the concrete. Protect the concrete tank from the sun till ready to use and wet two or three times a day for a week after removing the concrete forms. Do not fill with water until the concrete tank is two weeks old. Follow exactly the same methods given for square concrete tanks, except using thicknesses and reinforcement given in the table. Lay out circular concrete forms as described. Set the reinforcement in place and pour the concrete in the same way as for square tanks. Concrete tanks sometimes have to be constructed by filling one or two sections of concrete forms each day, letting it set over night and continuing the next day. This is bad practice because it is readily seen that a joint is formed on the surface of each layer of concrete which is placed on top of another layer that has set up and hardened; to make the joint as tight as possible the top surface of the old concrete must be specially treated. The operation for treating this surface is as follows: Scrape off all dirt and scum from the old surface, pick it with a pick or scrub it thoroughly with a wire brush or horse curry comb in order to remove all surface mortar and scum and lave a very rough surface. To make the bond between this cleaned concrete surface and the new concrete, wet it thoroughly, soaking it well, place a 4-inch to '/2-inch layer of one part granulated Portland Cement to one part sand, or, better still, a layer of pure granulated Portland Cement on the cleaned surface, and before this has set or has begun to stiffen place the new concrete upon it.

In some cases a positive bond between the old and new, concrete work is used in addition to the above by imbedding in the top of the last mass of concrete laid each day a 4 by 4-inch piece or a V-shaped stick of timber. This timber, which is removed the next morning, will form a groove to bond the new and old concrete together. Roof and steps should be reinforced with a woven wire fabric or with steel rods. Mushroom cellars should be built at least two-thirds below the level of the ground to obtain the best results. Excavate to the desired depth and around the edge dig a trench 12 inches deep and 16 inches broad. In this lay a foundation one part granulated Portland cement, three parts clean, coarse sand and six parts broken stone or gravel. On the foundations and at equal distance from either edge build a solid wall (See Walls) 8 inches thick; mixture, one part granulated Portland Cement, two parts clean, coarse sand and four parts broken stone, gravel or cinders.

Build a concrete roof 3 inches thick, supported by concrete beams and posts (see Table, Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs). An opening should be left at one side for steps (see Steps). All concrete walls, posts, beams and roof should be reinforced. A coat of grout, one part granulated Portland Cement to one part fine, clean sand mixed to the consistency of cream, may be applied to the whole exterior with a brush if a very smooth surface is required. Every farm or house along a country road must have one or more bridges or culverts where the driveways span the trench or ditch alongside the road. These arches or small bridges should be constructed of concrete, for then they will not continually rot out and need repairing and renewal. An arch driveway consists of a slab supported on each side by a beam which spans the ditch. The size of the beams, the thickness of the slab, and the amount and spacing of the reinforcement in the beams and slab can be taken directly from the table. For example, take an arch driveway of 12-foot span, having an 8-foot roadway. The heaviest loading, namely, 125 pounds per square foot, will be taken as given in the table. Beams 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep, reinforced in the bottom with four 9-16-inch rods, are required. The slab must be 3 inches thick, and be reinforced with 1/6-inch rods placed every 6 inches.

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