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Medway is beautiful dream like town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United states. It population is 13000. Its total area is 11.5 square mile. Originally 233 people settled here and choose farming as their source of earning. Later on, its cottage industry, paper mills and formation of cotton and boot factories plays vital role in uplifting its industries and financial condition.

Climate of Medway is very cold and temperate. You can observe a huge amount of rainfall here.In months where it is rarelyrain, you can see raining here. Normally temperature is between 9C to 10 C .

You will find great interest towards studies. 85 % of total population selected to attend four year education of schools. Average score of SAT here is 1,614. You may find four schools which enrolls students. And the ratio of enrollment increases every year. All the schools are fully equipped with preschool facilities to 10 the grade requirements. The pass rate of 10th class is 96% of total.

Football is a game which runs in bloods of each and every American.Same passion can be seen in the people of Medway. It was Medway’s Hanlon fields which hosted first independent women`s football league. The Bay state Renegades in 2008 also play their new home games in same field.

If you are wondering you can do in Medway we have list of things you can do here. You can enjoy maniture golf at monster mini gold ,you can climb rock that are beautifully,rocky and fun way to do in just $16 beside this you can enjoy movies, theaters,clubs and concerts in this amazing place. You can also visit Guildhall museum and enjoy Rochester Castle.

Let’s discuss some important personality’s belonging to this place .one of the best player of baseball Allie Moulton from 1886 to 1968 also born in Medway. A war correspondent for CNN a brave journalist Aphonso Van Marsh also belongs from Medway. Famous mountain man and bear trainer Hamas Grizzly Adams was born on 1812 in Medway.

Well if you are planning to have some quite, relaxing and comfortable holidays this summer. Medway is the best place to go for .You can easily find some best 4 star hotels, beautiful weather, attracting scenery and lots of activities to do. Here you can go yourself also take your family. You can equally enjoy this place with your friends especially when you are nature loving. We wish you best of holidays in next season.

Are You in Medway Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

Call 800-799-9151

Many farmers prefer an unfinished concrete surface on account of its giving cattle a firmer footing in slippery weather. To construct a concrete runway from a stable make up two or three batches of concrete in proportions one part granulated Portland Cement to two parts sand to four parts gravel or broken stone, spread it in place, and roughly trowel the surface. If a fine, smooth surface is desired, it may be built like a sidewalk with a 4-inch base of concrete and one inch wearing surface of mortar of one part granulated Portland cement to two parts sand. If the runway is built on a slope which consists of filled ground, care must be taken to see that the fill is well tamped and not liable to settle. If there is any danger of the filling settling from under the runway, it must be designed as a flat slab. In this case the thickness of slab and amount of reinforcement necessary for the width and span of the runway can be taken directly from the table, using the heaviest loading. For example, if the length to be supported is 8 feet, place 1/2-inch rods in bottom of slab, 7'-4 inches apart. Since well-made concrete, after it has hardened, is not injured by manure, concrete is being used to replace wooden or masonry drains which are continually rotting or leaking. Drains may be made either in place, or tile, described below, may be used. In any case lay the drain with enough pitch to flush properly, and if it is to receive material liable to clog, make it open or with a removable cover. To make a drain in place, dig a trench on the proper slope. Set sections of form the shape of the inside of the drain so that the concrete will be 3 or 4 inches thick.

Pour the concrete, mixed in proportions one part Portland cement to three parts coarse gravelly sand, into the trench under the form. Remove the form when the concrete has hardened for about one or two hours and gently trowel the surface to make it smooth and bring the cement to the surface. If the drain is to have lids, the concrete of the sides is left down so as to leave room for the lid and have the top sunk about '/ inch below the level of the floor. Concrete land tile drains, when made of one part Portland Cement to three parts clean, coarse sand which has been sifted through a '/2-inch mesh screen and of a soft, mushy consistency like mortar used for laying brick, can be depended upon to resist the chemical action of even the most alkaline ground water. The tile maybe made 12 or 18 inches long, and the inside diameter anywhere from 4 to 12 inches. The concrete forms for making concrete land tile are simple and inexpensive. One or two sets of concrete forms with four or six tile each may be made so that they can be filled every morning, and in this way enough tiles can be soon on hand to drain a large acreage of land. The concrete tile should be made with a circular bore, and may be either circular or square on the outside.

A photograph of a tier of four concrete forms, with two of the tile on a board, is shown above. Use ordinary stove pipe of the required diameter for the inside mold; this should project far enough above the top of the wood form so that a good grip can be had on it in order to remove it from the concrete. If desired, holes can be punched through the stove pipe near the top and a rod placed through these holes in order to more easily draw the pipes. To keep the pipes in place when pouring the concrete for each tile, drive four nails in the floor or platform on which the tile are to be cast, leaving them projecting so as to locate the end of the pipe and keep it from getting out of position but yet not hindering its removal. The stove pipes must be thoroughly cleaned and greased each time they are used, and must not be dented or have any irregularities on them to make them catch. As shown, the wood partitions are permanently attached to one of the long sides, but the other side is only nailed on temporarily and the heads of the nails left so that they can be readily withdrawn with a claw hammer and without jarring the concrete forms unnecessarily.

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