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The small town called Saugus is a historic neighborhood, family friendly town suitated along the northern shore, 10 miles north of Boston. Initially settled during 1629, the town is a home to historic spots, top tier public facilities, and a thriving business society. Strong society support, a forward-thinking way to town administration, rich recreational chances, easy access and cost effective options to all the facilities which Boston has to provide - they all grant to making the Saugus a city where families and businesses flourish make their home.

Administration of the town Saugus

Since the year 1947, the town has had an idea of e form of administration that is a combo of town manager and representative town meeting. The Saugus was an initial city in Massachusetts to adopt this form of administration. This scheme incorporated a single transferable voting model; however this was abandoned during the year 1950.

Elections for every seat on the board of housing authority, town meeting, school committee, and selectmen, ate held biennially in the old-numbered years.

  • Town meeting -
    The town representative city meeting includes of 50 members, 5 for each of the city’s 10 precincts. The yearly city meeting is held on the 1st Monday in the month, May. At the initial city meeting after every election of city meeting members, an arbitrator of all city meetings shall be chosen by the body. The arbitrator should be a city meeting member.
  • School committee -
    It consists of 4 at-large members. The school committee members are not qualified to hold any other city work place.
  • Board of selectmen -
    It consists of 4 at-large members. The board caters as the main policy creators of the city. Selectmen are incompetent to hold any other city office.
  • City manager -
    The city manager caters as the chief fiscal officer and chief administrative manager of Saugus. In addition to this, he is chosen by the board of selectmen.

Media facilities of the town

The Saugus society SCTV or TV is a public access TV junction which offers local TV programming to the society. SCTV broadcasts to the Saugus Comcast cable contributors on channel 22 (educational), channel 9 (government), and channel 8 (public-access).

Saugus is a home to 2 newspapers called the Saugus Advocate and the Saugus Advertiser. In addition, it’s even covered by The Daily Item of Lynn.

Since the year 1950, the WROL transmitter has been suitated off of Salem turnpike in the place. It was earlier utilized by the WHDH from the year 1934 - 48.

Are You in Saugus Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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The statements may therefore be considered as having the highest authority obtainable on this concrete subject. The number of concrete samples that should be taken depends on the importance of the work but it is chiefly important that the sample should represent a fair average of the contents. The sample should be passed through a sieve having twenty meshes per linear inch, in order to break up lumps and remove any foreign material. If several small amounts are taken from different parts of the package, this also insures that the samples will be mixed so that the result will be a fair average. When it is only desired to determine the average characteristic of a shipment, the samples taken from different parts of the shipment may be mixed, but it will give a better idea of the uniformity of the product to analyze the different samples separately. Cement should be taken from a barrel by boring a hole through the center of one of the staves, midway between the heads, or through the head. A portion of the cement can then be withdrawn, even from the center, by means of a sampling iron similar to that used by sugar inspectors. Ordinarily, it is impracticable for an engineer to make a chemical analysis of cement which will furnish reliable information regarding its desirability, but the engineer should understand something regarding the desirable chemical .constituents of the cement.

It should be realized that the fineness of the grinding and the thoroughness of the burning may have a far greater influence on the value of the cement than slight variations from the recognized standard proportions of the various chemical constituents. Too high a proportion of lime will cause failure in the test for soundness or constancy of volume, although cement may fail on such a test owing to improper preparation of the raw material or defective burning. On the other hand, if the cement is made from very finely ground material and is thoroughly burned, it may contain a considerable excess of lime and still prove perfectly sound. The permissible amount of magnesia in Reinforced concrete and Portland cement is the subject of considerable controversy. Some authorities say that anything in excess of 8 percent is harmful; others declare that the amount should not exceed 4 percent or 5 Centigrade The proportion of sulfuric-anhydride should not exceed 1.75 Centigrade It may be considered that the other tests of cement are a far more reliable indication of its quality than any small variation in the chemical constituents from the proportions usually considered standard. The specific gravity of cement is lowered by under-burning, adulteration, and hydration, but the adulteration must be in considerable quantities to affect the results. Since the differences in specific gravity are usually very small, great care must be exercised in making the tests.

When properly made, the tests afford a quick check for under-burning or adulteration. The determination of specific gravity is conveniently made with Le Chatelier's apparatus. This consists of a flask D, Fig. 1, of 120-cu. cm. (7.32-cu. in.) capacity, the neck of which is about 20 cm. (7.87 in.) long; in the middle of this neck is a ball C, above and below which are two marks F and E; the volume between these marks is 20 cu. cm. (1.22 cu. in.). The neck has a diameter of about 9 mm. (0.35 in.), and is graduated into tenths of cu. cm. above the mark Fahrenheit. Benzene or kerosene free from water should be used in making the determination. The specific gravity may be determined in two ways: The flask is filled with either of these liquids to the lower mark E, and 64 gr. (2.25 oz.) of powder, previously dried at 100° Centigrade and cooled to the temperature of the liquid, is gradually introduced through the funnel B (the stem of which extends into the flask to the top of the bulb C) until the proper mark F is reached. The difference in weight between the cement remaining and the original quantity (64 gr.) is the weight which has displaced 20 Cu. cm.

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