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Bellingham, Massachusetts is a town located around 40 miles from Boston along Route 495. The rapidly growing outer belt where Bellingham is situated too is getting more and more developed therefore it is an increasingly popular place to live.


The town lies on a total area of 19 square miles of which 2.58% is water, along the Charles River, in the corner of the territory of Dedham Grant. The land was a swamp, so people in Dedham did not think it was worth dealing with it. Edward Rawson purchased the northern part of the river and these two settlements eventually merged. On November 27, 1719, the town petitioned for separation and it was officially incorporated separately under the name of Westham –“West Dedham”. During the incorporation, they changed the town’s name to Bellingham to honor Sir Richard Bellingham, an early governor of the town, but this happened without any records.

According to early historic records, the town was once and active and prosperous manufacturing area, producing shoes, boots, and other leather goods.

The establishment of town started with a pilgrim meeting house, as usually in all colonies. This church was replaced by a Baptist church in the middle of the 1700s. During the industrial revolution, several artificial ponds were made to support the area’s industry and the land. By today the northern part of town in more industrialized along the I-495 while the south preserved its rural, suburban character.


The executive branch of the government is the Board of Selectmen who appoint the Town Moderator. The legislative branch is represented by the Town Meeting, where registered voters can vote.


The town officially is a census-designated-place, which means it is a concentration of population for statistical purposes only. The first record of the number of the residents was taken in 1850. Since then, the population grew with a couple of fallbacks. By the 1970s there was a boom in the population and since then there is only a slight growth. At the time of the 2010 census, there were 15,314 people living in Bellingham, 5,557 households and 4,284 families. The population consisted of 26% under the age of 18, 5.6% between 18 and 24, 34.6% between 22 and 44, 23.3% between 45 and 64 and 9.7% over 65 years. The median income is $64.496 per household and $25,047 per capita. Approximately 2.5% of the population fell under the poverty line in Bellingham.


Bellingham puts a great emphasis on education. There are six schools in the area: Bellingham ECC, Stall Brook and South Elementary Schools, Bellingham Memorial Middle School, Primavera Junior/Senior High School, and Bellingham High School.There are local Sports organizations where children can spend their free time and recreate. The sporting opportunities include baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, softball, volleyball, field hockey, and children can join to scouts or to the YMCA too.

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The permanence of concrete is an essential in its use for concrete footings and foundations especially in Bellingham Massachusetts. Other materials may rot, rust and deteriorate, but concrete foundations that are subjected to constant moisture continues to strengthen indefinitely. A concrete foundation completely made of concrete is clean and sanitary, the concrete does not in any way affect the water or its taste, and it will last indefinitely without further expenditures for upkeep. Construct concrete forms of tongued and grooved spruce lumber if possible, set them carefully, and hang the inside from cross-pieces attached to the outside concrete form. By placing one board about four inches wide on the inside concrete form at the top floor line, the entire foundation can be poured in one operation, concrete footings and all, making the structure monolithic throughout, and eliminating the possibility of leaky seams. This board is necessary to prevent the fresh concrete in the wall from bubbling under the concrete form into the foundation interior. The concrete should be mixed in proportions of 1: 2: 3, being 1 part of portland cement, 2 parts of sand, and 3 parts of crushed stone and gravel, graded in size from 4 inch to 1 inch. This should be poured in layers of about six inches and mixed as dry as possible. Machine mixing is preferred, as the concrete can then be thoroughly mixed to the proper consistency with a minimum of water content. Once the concrete forms have been removed then the concrete cutting and core drilling can be performed. This is accomplished using a concrete cutting wall saw that has a diamond blade connected to it. The doorways and windows can be cut and removed prior to the commencement of the framing and other construction. The concrete should be thoroughly spaded to consolidate the aggregate and insure a close bond with the steel reinforcing rods, which is installed prior to the concrete foundation being poured or the pouring of the concrete. These bars should be securely wired at each intersection and held in place. The use of cross wires from the inside to the outside concrete form is not recommended, because they cannot be removed and they eventually will rot out and leakage will then occur. Spreaders may be used between the inner and outer concrete forms to prevent any shifting, but they must be removed as the concrete rises. The floor of the home should be finished with a steel trowel immediately and the concrete forms should be removed from the inside as soon as the concrete is hard enough, and any air holes or rock pockets immediately filled and trowel smooth. A thin plaster coat of 1:2 mortar mix will make a good bond with the wall concrete, and present an impervious surface, through which water cannot pass. This should be finished smooth with a steel trowel. In building the large concrete foundation the same methods and mixtures should be used as those described for the construction of the smaller trough. The list of reinforcing material is shown on the plan. The twenty horizontal wall rods should be bent to carry around the corners, lapping a foot at the center of the ends and sides.

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