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Amesbury, Massachusetts lies on the left river bank of Merrimack River that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Salisbury, Newburyport and West Newbury. Amesbury used to be a farming and mill town, but by today it became a largely residential area with a rich cultural heritage. It has become an attractive destination for families, businessmen and visitors due to its outstanding schooling facilities, lively crowds of artisans, and commercial groups that improve Amesbury’s community.


The population was around 16,300 during the census held in 2010. This included 6,380 households and 4,429 families. The population density was 1,326 people per square mile. The median age of the whole population was 37 years, with 34.5% of households having children under the age of 18. Also, 98% of the whole population is employed, and the median income for a household in Amesbury is $34,906 per year, however, unfortunately 3.9% of the families are below poverty line.


Amesbury has 7 major educational institutions. The schooling system includes public, elementary, middle, high, and academic schools. Students and citizens can also use the services of the public library that supports several study movements. Amesbury also puts an emphasis on youth recreation, both for young children and teenagers. The New England Sports Park includes multiple fields for sports such as rugby, soccer or other races that sometimes hosts other events like concerts or festivals. Skiing is also possible here in the winter.

The City Council

The City Council is based on one of the most common forms of local governments within the USA, the municipal council form of government. They are generally responsible for proposing bills, vote, passing local laws and hold the congressional style legislative events. The current Mayor of Amesbury is Ken Gray, and the town council consists of 9 councilors.

Short History

Amesbury has a rich history, dating back to 1637 when John Bayly settled down in the area and begin to clear the land for cultivation. By 1741, Amesbury consisted of 3 parts: Amesbury Proper, South Amesbury, and West Amesbury. In the same year, the boundaries were set between Amesbury, Newton, and New Hampshire. In 1876 the latter two became Merrimac, as they wanted to get independent from the main town. In 1996, Amesbury gained the city status and it started to use the municipal council form of government, with a mayor.

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Concrete cutting provides a smooth attractive finished surface. Stone or gravel graded in size from 1inch to 2 inches will suffice for concrete cutting.

The floor concrete is then set rigidly in position and the reinforcing bars are placed either in "chairs" which raise them about an inch above the bottom of the concrete slab or else they are raised by placing shovelfuls of concrete mix under them. They should be carefully spaced properly to carry the specified load. Affordable Concrete Cutting services Amesbury and all surrounding cities and towns for concrete cutting and concrete core drilling. The concrete cutting for the floor slab should be performed in proportion of 1:2:3, being 1 part reinforced concrete, 2 parts of sand, and 3 parts of stone or gravel, graded in size from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. It should be mixed with as little water as possible and the surface should be finished with a steel float. It may be divided into squares of any desired dimension. The concrete floor should be properly cured for at least a week before being used, and, the supporting floor concrete form should not be removed for at least three weeks. The use of concrete cutting has in-this case proved the simplest means of arranging the grounds in an attractive manner and makes easy the maintenance of the property. The concrete retaining wall brings the lawn to a level where it is easily trimmed, and the precast concrete urn at the corner adds a great deal to the appearance of the property. This wall, built at reasonable cost, will last indefinitely. It will require no yearly outlay for repairs, it will not crack, rot, or deteriorate, but will strengthen with age. Concrete forms for the wall and post concrete forms must be very carefully set for line and plumb—any deviation will be very noticeable in the finished concrete work. At intervals along the wall drain tile should be provided to carry off ground water which will settle behind the concrete wall and perhaps do some damage if not removed. It is a good plan to run a line of tile along the inside wall leading into these off takes, thereby insuring, at little cost, against injury to the concrete wall. Concrete forms should be of tongued and grooved spruce, if possible, to prevent leakage and the resulting rock pockets in the finished concrete wall. In a concrete wall of the height shown in this illustration steel reinforcement bars will not be needed.

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