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Ashland, Massachusetts is a town along Road 135 and 126, surrounded by picturesque hills and lakes. It is a rural town that still retains the classic New-England residential look.

It is half way between Boston and Worchester, which makes it a beloved place to live. Travel is relatively easy along the Framingham/Worchester Commuter Rail line, so it is ideal for commuting.


For most of the 20th century, Ashland’s population was growing slowly, until the post-war boom, in the 1950s. As a result, Ashland grew to be Boston’s primarily residential suburb by the 1980s.

At the 2010 census, Ashland was reported to have 16,593 inhabitants of which there were 6,386 households and 4,531 families. This leads to a population density of 1,338.1 per square mile. The median age of this area was 40.1 and the average family size was 3.04. The median household income in this area per capita was $46,626 per year.


Education in Ashland is unique and high level. There 5 public schools: Ashland High School, Ashland Middle School, David Mindess School, Herry Warren School, William Pittaway School. In 2014, Ashland High School was ranked19th in Massachusetts. According to US News and World Report, this ranking also meant the #396 place in the whole country.


The area of Ashland was inhabited by the Megunko Indians before the settlers established the town in the 18th century. Megunko Hill owes its name to the Indians. The town was incorporated in 1846, so it was considerably younger than any other towns in the region. The construction of Boston Worchester railroad and the Boston-Albany Railroad were important factors of Ashland’s development. These railroads helped the town to build mills which helped establish the well-known bustling boot and shoe industry. The construction of three reservoirs set back the industrial development of the area. The Hopkinton Railroad Company still built railroads between Framingham, Sherborn, and Natick, which later on became roads for automobiles.

State Parks

There are 4 parks that fall under the territory of Ashland completely or partially. Hopkinton Sate Park is a beloved pastime destination as it has a large lake where swimming, boat rental, or fishing is possible, and great hikes can be organized along its trails. Ashland State park also has a large Lake and includes a 157-acre reservoir, which has reopened recently, in July 2013. Ashland Forest is open to people too, to show its 550 acres of forest, beautiful streams and hiking trails. Warren Woods is another beloved spot for hiking and recreational activities.


The climate of Ashland is variable. The winters are cold with temperature below zero and with 60 inches of snow in average. This decreases greatly towards Boston because of the effect of the Atlantic Ocean. Summer is comfortable with relatively high humidity, and 80-90 °F temperature but typically, 70 degrees are not consistent until May. Severe summer weather is not as common as in the west of the state, however, the tornadoes EF0 and EF1 damaged this area too in 1989.

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If the concrete is still somewhat soft or green in the first half when the second half is laid, it is well to lay a plank on it and correct the straight edge accordingly when finishing the surface of the second half. It is always best to cut in the expansion joints at this time while the concrete is still green. Waiting too long will cause the concrete slab to crack in areas that will be unpleasing to the eye. This is a plan and cross-section of two-car garage concrete driveway. The finish is made with a wood float only. Curing should take ten days or two weeks, after which the pavement is ready for use. A concrete driveway on a steep grade will not wash out, and provides of 1:2:33, using crushed stone not larger than one inch. This should be thoroughly mixed, using as little water as possible. The surface should be finished with a wood float and should be sloped to a drain. We specialize in cutting doorways and windows into concrete foundation walls. We service Ashland and all surrounding cities and towns in Massachusetts. If it is proposed to erect a frame structure upon the concrete cutting foundation, bolts should be set in the wall with which to anchor the timber plate in place. When the concrete foundation is completed, work on the superstructure may proceed at once. In fact, this is to be preferred, as it will serve to protect the concrete floor from the heat of the sun while it is curing, and keep off rain, which will mark up the surface of fresh concrete and wash away the cement. Rough-faced concrete cutting blocks 8 x 8 x 16 are used.

Affordable Concrete Cutting provides core drilling and coring of concrete walls and floors in Ashland MA. Built of concrete or concrete masonry units, a garage will meet the requirements of the strictest and exacting building codes. Garages must be fire-proof, and concrete cutting has proved itself. The foundation and concrete footings should extend below the normal frost line, and should be built of concrete mixed in proportions of 1:23: 4, being 1 part of portland cement, 23 parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel, graded in size from 1/4 inch to 1 inches. Spread concrete footings should be used, except in soil that is very firm. After the inside foundation concrete forms have been removed, the earth sub grade should be well tamped, and if it is earth that will not permit proper drainage of water, it is well to use a layer of cinders or gravel directly beneath the concrete cutting floor. The floor concrete should be mixed in proportions entrance in all weather in this plan, and are laid in portland cement mortar mixed in proportions of 1:3, being 1 part portland cement and 3 parts sand. The cutting should be done while the concrete is still green to ensure that the concrete floor does not crack everywhere. The roof structure is of frame construction, the bed plate is anchored to the concrete blocks by bolts set in concrete poured into the cores of the top course of concrete blocks.

Portland cement stucco mixed in proportions of 1:3, and colored to harmonize with its surroundings, will make the concrete garage a source of pride and a distinctive addition to the property.

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