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Merrimac, Massachusetts is small town in EssexCounty of Massachusetts of United States. The word Merrimac mean swift water place. This town is present at the boarder of NewHampshire. It got its name in 1876. This beautiful town is situated at the bank of river Merrimack in Merrimack valley. This town is not much populated. Its population is just around 6000. This is part of greater Boston metropolitan area. It is popular due to its agricultural and fishing industry. This town faces immense loss due deindustrialization and is failed to recovered from it even now.

As we know the population of Merrimac is very limited so we can see the number of educational institute is also limited. They are limited in number but not in abilities or type of services they provide. All the regional schools are found in neighbor of west Newbury however, Merrimac high school worked in Merrimac till 1958. It was closed after new school known as Pawtucket regional high school opened here. Beside these schools Frederick N sweet sir school which was named after great doctor who practiced here is also operating in Merrimac. Helen R DonoghueSchool is another high school which exists in Merrimac. Beside these schools chain of Pawtucket schools also work here.

Merrimac is one of the rainy and snowing towns of Massachusetts. It got about 49 inches throughout theyear. Moreover the snow is also above the average as the average snowfall in a city of US is 26 inches whereas in Merrimac it is about 49 inches a year. You can observe only 125 sunny days and this figure is also much less the average of US.

This Town also has some notable name as its residents. The names are of outfielders,theologians`, politicians mostly. From politician George W Weymouth and Kevin J Sullivan are former mayors,politicians and US representatives. Richard P Gabriel is another computer scientist who performed well in development of LIPS programming language. We can never forget Ephraim Morse and early settler of San Diego and founder of Balboa Park.

If you are planning to visit Merrimac in this summer we appreciate your love and interest and we are already assuming that you are going to have great fun there here in this wonderful and peaceful place. You will really enjoy there either you are going with friends or with family.

Are You in Merrimac Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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The intake registers for the removal of the foul air should be placed in the concrete walls near the floor. The foul air passes from the registers through the hollow spaces in the concrete walls and from there into the chimney. The chimney is best located near the center of the barn, and should be high enough to extend above the roofs of any nearby building. The fresh air should be admitted by registers located near the ceiling. The air near the ceiling is usually the warmest; hence, the fresh air is heated somewhat before striking the cattle. To construct a concrete hog pen excavate a trench, the size and shape desired for finished pen, 10 inches wide, and to a depth below frost, and fill with concrete mixture, one part granulated Portland Cement, four parts clean, coarse sand, and eight parts broken stone or screened gravel. On top of this foundation build a wall, at equal distance from edge, 4 inches thick and 4 feet high, reinforced with wire fabric or else with 1/4-inch rods placed about 18 inches apart both ways. The reinforcement must be carefully bent around the corners. Proportions of cement mix for a concrete wall; one part Portland cement, two and one-half parts clean, coarse sand, and five parts broken stone. Space for a gate should be left, and a concrete trough built similar to the one shown in picture or described in "Hog Concrete troughs."

A hog house can be added by building another wall in the corner and roofing the space with z'/z inches concrete, one part granulated Portland Cement, two parts clean, coarse sand, and four parts broken stone. This slab must be reinforced with wire mesh or steel rods of size and spacing given in Table for Designing Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs. The dairy may be connected by a passage way with the barns or may be in a building by itself. In either case, concrete had best be used throughout for the various rooms: the receiving room, the bottling room, the closets, the refrigerator, the cold storage room, the shower baths and the clothes closet; also for all the various accessories, such as the concrete troughs for the milk cans and bottles. Since concrete is a poor conductor of I heat and cold, it is a good material for an ice box'. It may also readily- be made with one or two air spaces in the walls so as to make an economical storage box. -Ice boxes are sometimes built as a part of a new building, and sometimes are built onto an old building. An ice box is not in the least affected by the hard usage it receives by having heavy milk cans thrown against it. An ice box should be made in the place where it is to set, as it will be too heavy to move. Build outside concrete forms of i-inch tongue and grooved and planed boards. Cleat these lightly together and -run a brace back to hold in place.

Make a light box or use- one already made for the inside concrete forms, oiling or greasing it well before placing the concrete. Make the wall 8 inches thick if one air space is required, or xo inches thick for two air spaces. To form the air space, place 2-inch plank on end 2 inches from the form and in pairs so that each thickness of wail will be 2 inches and these 2-inch walls will be connected by about 4 inches of concrete, in the ends of each pair of plank. Greasing the plank thoroughly, they may be pulled out after the concrete has begun to stiffen. The time for doing this will be about an hour after the concrete is placed if it is made about the consistency of mortar for laying brick or about two hours after placing if it made thinner than this. Pull play just as soon as the surface of the concrete has dried off. Leave the inside and outside concrete forms in place for two or three days. To burnish a place for a concrete, which should always be used with a double wall, make the inside wall lower than the outside, as shown. There should from 1inch to 1-1/2 inch space between the two wood covers. The whole spaces in the walls may be filled either with cork or mineral wool, which is used considerably to keep the inside of the ice box at a low temperature with least amount of ice.

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