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As one of the first European settlements in North America, Massachusetts is as rich in history as JFK was in love with. A simple walk along the famous Freedom Trail in Boston gives the traveler a deep sense of history and purpose.

We honestly would not mind finding a bigger meaning. Our goal is to find a greater sense of fun. These 5 Insanely Bizarre attractions in Massachusetts will surely be on their way:

  1. Furniture Jordan -"Mardi Gras" Natick: Massachusetts
    Jordan Furniture Store
    Furniture stores have a long history of crazy things. Small cheese ads, obscure promotions and special offers from b-celebrities, they will do almost everything for us to buy their products. But we believe you have not seen anything until you get a foot in Jordanfurniture.
    Go ahead and cancel the trip to New Orleans for carnival is the best here on the floor of the Jordan showcase (although it is unlikely to be represented by a sales representative). If replicas of the French Quarter, Riverboats and Bayou Plantagen do not sell in a new sofa, the animatronic carnival certainly show 30 minutes.
    Still not sold? There is a full IMAX here too. Play: The Curse ofthe Killer Dinette Set-In 3D.
  2. Beer Museum Northampton, Massachusetts
    Art lovers have MOMA, history lovers have the MET and beer lovers have Ye OldeTrog. The renowned BeernorthHampton Museum has a collection of empty tubs so large that you can drink a drink before taking a drink. And if by chance the gaps are not wet enough in his pipe, you can pull a chair upwards and choose from a wide selection of cold beer at the top. The appreciation "art" has never tasted so good.
  3. Witch Dungeon: Salem Massachusetts
    If the wicked witch of the West has one left at night in the bed winds, this is your chance to take your revenge at all the witch.
    First, take a live performance of authentic witch trials of Salem and see a 17th century lawyer tear the flawed statement of the accused witch. Then get to her feet in the celebration when the witch is condemned for his abominable crimes. Finally, go to the Witch Dungeon for a ride with a whip witch that can imagine waterboarding, planks, brush strokes and other forms of sneaky witch torture. If at all, then it is a sweet reward for suffering through five seasons of Sabrina who bewitched.
  4. Thermometer Museum: Onset, Massachusetts
    Amateur thermometer Richard Porter has obscure collectors to be hit a whole new level. Visit flight markets, flea markets and antique shops all over the world, the Onset Massachusetts man has collected a reserve of over 4100 thermometers.

Are You in Natick Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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The inside concrete form is made as shown in the figure, having a hinge at the peak of the roof and two hinges at the bottom in order to facilitate removing the concrete form. It is made in two separate sections which are held together by nailing on two cleats to serve also to hold them in the outer form and at the right distance, namely, 2 inches from the ground or platform. After placing the concrete forms, which should be well greased, mix one part granulated Portland cement with two and one- half parts of clean, coarse sand with five parts of screened gravel or broken stone. Place the layer of concrete in the bottom of the form for the solid back of the nest and then fill in the concrete for the walls. To remove the inside form take off the two top cleats, which allow the two slant boards to swing together on the hinge at the top, and the two side boards swing in on to the base boards, making it possible to remove them very readily.

Thirteen nests can be made from one barrel (4 bags) of cement, one-half of a single load (20 cubic feet per single load) of sand and one load of screened gravel or broken stone. Figuring cement at $2.00 a barrel, sand at 75 cents a cubic yard and gravel at $1.25 per cubic yard, the cost of the material for the concrete for each nest will be about 25 cents. The protection afforded by a concrete chicken house against rats, weasels, and other vermin, and the ease with which such a structure is kept clean, should be sufficient reason to' give it preference over every other kind. Excavate a trench 10 inches wide, to a depth below frost, and fill with concrete one part granulated Portland cement, three parts clean, coarse sand, 34 and six parts cinders. On this foundation, and at equal distance from either edge, build a solid wall 5 inches thick (see Walls), one part granulated Portland Cement, two and one-half parts clean, coarse sand and five parts clean cinders or screened gravel. The roof may be made of wood or of concrete. If the house is not more than 8 feet wide, a roof with slope in one direction may be made of a 4-inch concrete slab reinforced with steel rods or heavy wire mesh of size suggested in the table of Reinforced Beams and Slabs. For a shorter span a less thickness may be adopted. A slope of six inches in eight feet will give sufficient pitch for the water to run off if the concrete surface is well toweled, as described under Sidewalks. If the width is more than 8 feet, concrete rafters may be placed and slabs upon them of dimensions to be selected from the table of Reinforced Beams and Slabs. Concrete shelves and water basins can be put in to suit convenience. A coat of mortar one part granulated Portland Cement and one part fine clean sand, mixed as thick as cream, may be applied with a brush to the outside walls as soon as concrete forms are removed, although with careful placing of the concrete, the surface may be wet and rubbed down as soon as the wall concrete forms are removed and before the concrete has hardened, with a board or a brick, to remove the board marks of the concrete forms and leave a pleasing rough surface. The use of cinders is recommended in this construction, as the voids in the cinders take up the moisture, which is otherwise liable to collect on the inside of the wall in cold weather. The walls may be made with a hollow space, as shown. A greenhouse built of concrete not only does not require constant repairs, but saves fuel, as it retains heat and keeps out cold air. Greenhouses should have a foundation 10 inches broad and 16 inches deep, or below frost, composed of mixture one part granulated Portland cement, three parts clean, coarse sand and six parts broken stone. On this, and at equal distance from either edge, erect a wall 7 inches thick, mixture one part granulated Portland cement, two parts clean, coarse sand and five parts cinders, to the height required for the walls. A ridgepole can be erected, 6 inches wide by 8 inches deep, of concrete, one part granulated Portland Cement, two and one-half parts clean, coarse sand and five parts broken stone or gravel not over three-quarters inch in size, reinforced with two steel bars each one-half inch in diameter.

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