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The first settlers arrived in Braintree around 1625. Named after the 4000 year-old English town of Braintree, the settlement was incorporated in 1640. Located just 12 miles south of Boston, this coastal city gave birth to no less than two presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, as well as statesman John Hancock. Braintree residents elected their first mayor, Joseph C. Sullivan, after converting to a mayor-council government in 2008. With a population slightly over 35,000 Braintree is an active and booming town. It is home to large companies such as Altra Industrial Motion, Haemonetics,Greater Mediaand TopSource LLC.

Braintree has the 2nd biggest Irish-American community in the USA, with more than 46% of the residents claiming Irish ancestry. It's also the home of a very diverse and fascinating flora and fauna that is sure to attract nature lovers. Marshes, swamps, forests, meadows, most of these areas are protected and carefully cared for by local authorities. Sunset Lake, located in the south side of Braintree, Blue Hills Reservation and Pond Meadow Park welcome many visitors as well as locals: trekkers, climbers, ski aficionados, and so on. Braintree shares Blue Hills Reservation with its neighboring cities, Quincy (to the north) and Randolph (to the west, beyond the Cochato River), and shares its south and east borders with Holbrook and Weymouth.

Given its proximity with Boston as well as its natural beauty, and the high quality of its public transportation system, Braintree is an attractive suburban community for modern families who are looking for both the comfort city life brings and the peace nature has to offer. The education system, both public and private, include a kindergarten center as well as several elementary schools, middle schools and a high school. The Thayer Academy, named after Braintree-born General Sylvanus Thayer, the founder of West Point, welcomes over 600 students every year and is famous for its Green Projects, where for instance students converted a 1981 Mercedes into a car that runs on filtered waste vegetable oil, in 2007.

Braintree is proud of its girls’ basketball team, undefeated in 2014. Braintree High's dance team and The Wamps baseball team have made their city proud too the past few years, competing at the national stage and winning the Super Eight Baseball Tournament, respectively.

Fun facts:

  • Legendary director Martin Scorcese filmed a sequence of his critically acclaimed movie The Departed in the Fore River Shipyard. The movie features actor and producer Mark Wahlberg (as Staff Sergeant Dignam) who was born and raised in Braintree with his singer-songwriter brother Donnie Wahlberg.
  • Thomas A. Watson, Alexander Graham Bell's primary assistant, founded the Fore River Shipyard and later retired in Braintree.
  • William Rosenberg, founder of the Dunkin' Donuts chain, is originally from Braintree. His first job was as a full-time telegram delivery boy for Western Union, at age 14.
  • Professional ice hockey player Brian Robert Gibbons, currently a member of the NY Rangers, left his hometown of Braintree in 2011 when he signed his first NHL contract with the Pittsurgh Penguins.

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The manner of setting forms for the pier foundations or footings and the piers themselves are identical, as they are both battered on all sides. The most common practice is to build two opposite sides true to line and set them in place, then the two remaining sides are simply boarded up and studs set in place at the corners. The entire form must be rigidly braced from without and the concrete forms tightly wired together either by using ties running diagonally from corner to corner through the pier, or by providing collars at stated intervals up the form on the outside. These may be made of several strands of wire or lumber which is tightly wedged in place. Form lumber should be of tongued and grooved material. The concrete in the footings should be mixed in proportions of 1: 2:4, being 1 part of portland cement, 2 parts of sand, and 4 parts of broken stone or gravel, ranging in size from Y4 inch to 2 inches. The pier or post concrete should be mixed in proportions of 1:2: 332, being 1 part of portland cement, 2 parts of sand, and 32 parts of broken stone or gravel, graded in size from Y4 inch to 1/ inches. The placing of the concrete should be done slowly, as large batches deposited suddenly will often spring the forms and cause them to leak. The pier footings should be allowed to set thoroughly before the forms are set for the posts. When the footings are poured, set two-foot dowels, as indicated in the plan. To these the post reinforcing must be securely wired before the concrete is poured. Iron piping is not good reinforcing material, nor is wire fencing. Use only approved soft steel rods, and take pains to keep them free from rust, oil and dirt, to insure a satisfactory bond with the concrete.

In setting anchor bolts a template should be made from which they may be hung. This template must be securely fastened to the wall form at the exact location required, in reference to those on other piers and height above the footing, to insure a fit with the holes provided in the steel or timber superstructure. To allow a little leeway in making the fit it is a good plan to provide anchor bolts threaded to a point which will be eight or ten inches below the surface of the concrete. A nut and washer are placed at this point, and a piece of pipe about twice the diameter of the anchor bolt and long enough to reach to the top of concrete is set over it. This will permit the bolt being pried a bit in any direction. The completed work should be allowed to cure for at least three weeks before the weight of the superstructure is placed upon it. The forms should not be removed for a week, and when they are, an abrasive stone may be used to erase the form marks and improve the appearance. The design of foundations of this nature is extremely important, and consequently it is best to have the concrete work planned and designed by a competent engineer or architect who will be able to assure its strength and usability. You must use a beveled 2"x4" set into footing, when withdrawn, provides s strong keyway. Foundations for buildings, whatever their type or purpose, should extend below the frost line to eliminate the possibility of movement due to frost action.

Attention must be given to the nature of the soil upon which the building is to be erected. The table given on the next page will be useful in determining whether or not the foundation will be firm. Settlement must be guarded against, and to this end determine the bearing value of the soil at all parts of the foundation. Where soft spots occur they may be bridged by the use of reinforcement near the bottom of the footing concrete. Spread footings are essential in practically all cases, for they add greatly to the stability of the structure, and in the building of basements they provide a shelf upon which to lay the concrete floor. In the erection of wall forms they provide a firm and even base upon which to work, and by the use of dowels or keyways firmly anchor the base of the wall in place, this giving ample insurance against springing walls under pressure from without.

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