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Concrete Cutting Cutter Arlington MA Mass Massachusetts

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We Service Arlington MA and all surrounding Cities & Towns

We Service Arlington MA and all surrounding Cities & Towns

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Arlington, Massachusetts lies along Route 2 and 3, approximately 6 miles away from Boston in a north-west direction. The excellent access of Boston makes Arlington a desirable place to live.


During the 2010 census, 42,844 people lived in this city that consisted of 18,969 households and 10,981 families. The median age of citizens was 41.7 years, with more than 50% of the population under 44 years. The per capita income of the city is $47,571, and $85,059 per households which are both above the US average. However, 4.4% of the population is under the poverty line.

Local Government

The government of Arlington is based on the Town Manager Act, the By-Laws of the city and the General Laws on Massachusetts. The executive branch consists of a 5 member Board of Selectmen, and the Town Manager. The legislative branch works within the frame of the Town Meeting, where 252 representatives of the city gather to discuss matters. The Town Clerk informs the representatives of the meetings.


Educational matters are discussed by the seven-member elected School-Committee, with the help of a Superintendent to administer. Arlington has a nine school public schooling system. There are 7 elementary schools: Dallin, Stratton, Peirce, Hardy, Thompson, Bishop and Brackett. There is one middle school, Ottoson, and another high school, Arlington High School. Also, there a two parochial schools in the area, Arlington Catholic High School and St Agnes School which are scenes for private education. Besides, there are three more elementary schools, Alivia, Lesley Ellis and Ecole Bilingue.

The city puts a great emphasis on recreational opportunities as well to engage youth and adults as well. There are many parks, playgrounds, sporting fields, reservation areas around the city.

Short History

The town of Arlington was established in 1635 by European colonists under the name of Menotomy along the Mystic River. At the time, the Massachusett Indian tribe lived in the area, but they were devastated by riots and diseases. They sold the land to the colonists for ten pounds with the provision that the tribe can stay too, and continue farming and hunting.

Mill Brook stream also flows through the city and it used to have significant economic importance. Altogether seven mills were built along the stream, one of which was built by Captain George Cook in 1637. The Schwamb Mill that was constructed in 1650 is working ever since, making it the oldest working mill in the whole country.

After the colonists settled, the town became a thriving farming town, and their own lettuce was popular. Later on, they were also trading with ice, a lot of it was exported to the Caribbean for the Ice King Frederic Tudor.

The town was incorporated only in 1807, as West Cambridge, and later on, they changed the name to Arlington in 1867 to honor the Arlington National Cemetery. The population grew over 90% by the 1920s.

The location of Arlington makes it a popular place for families to live, as Boston is really close. There are many estate rental and purchasing opportunities in the area.

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Quality made concrete forms will serve to bridge over any inequalities in the wall and successfully resist any normal strain that they may be subjected to. When placing the precast concrete cap on the wall it should be set over the steel reinforcing dowels previously anchored into the wall by the concrete cutter, and bonded to the wall by a layer of 1:3 portland cement mortar, which is 1 part portland cement to 3 parts of sand. The precast concrete urn or flower-pot may be purchased from most precast concrete products manufacturers ready to set in place. These are deservedly popular because of their attractive appearance and permanence. A very attractive concrete parapet wall can be made by using a single course of red concrete brick as a panel. The use of a concrete parapet wall adds greatly to the appearance of a lawn and eliminates the necessity of a terrace, which is so difficult to care for and which is constantly walked on by passing pedestrians. A low concrete wall, even though it is a simple matter to step over it, serves as a real barrier and assists greatly in keeping the lawn from being trampled upon. Concrete forms should be very carefully lined and braced, as any weaving or deviation will be very noticeable in the finished work. End posts should be poured monolithic with the parapet.

Affordable Concrete Cutting services Arlington Massachusetts and all surrounding cities and towns. We perform concrete cutting, sawing and coring.

The concrete cutting should be performed in proportions of 1: 2: 4, being 1 part portland cement, 2/ parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel graded in size from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inches. The concrete forms should be filled in layers of about six inches each, and when the top of the straight concrete wall is reached, a batch of very stiff or dry concrete mix is used to shape the peak, as shown in the picture on the preceding page; a string stretched the length of the concrete form will serve as a guide while this finishing is being done. Upon removal of concrete forms the surface can be rubbed and this will remove the rough edges at the top. Using a concrete trowel is not recommended, as it will invariably bring too much cement to the surface and upon hardening a thin skin coat will form and later craze or crack. This type of entrance is meeting with great favor throughout the country. It has many advantages, in as much as it provides the safety and permanence of the full width concrete driveway with approximately half the concrete cutting and permits the use of an attractive strip of lawn between the two concrete cutting runways. The greatest point in its favor, however, is the fact that oil, dropping as it will from the crankcase, will not strike the concrete and cause the unsightly black smudge so frequently seen on the full-width concrete driveways and entrances. The owner selected concrete cutting to insure entrance at all times of the year. This concrete pavement has been giving service for many years and has not required a penny's worth of labor in maintaining its pleasing appearance and service.

Arlington Massachusetts Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling

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