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Cantonis situated inNorfolk County. It lies along Route 128 and Interstates 93 and 95 run through it as well. It is approximately 20 miles away from Boston. The MBTA railway pass through Canton as well on the Providence/Stoughton line.

The total area of town was 19.6 square miles of which 3.27% is water, according to the United States Census Bureau. The town is situated at the bottom of the 635 feet tall Great Blue Hill. Riven Canton collects other small rivers of this area - such as Bolivar, runs through the center of town then flown into the Neponset River.


The town of Canton was incorporated on 23 February 1797. Elijah Dunbar suggested the name for the city and it comes from the belief that Canton in China is on the complete opposite side of the earth. Dunbar otherwise was the first president of Stoughton Musical Society Between 1786 and 1808, which was the oldest choral society in the United States.


Canton is a largely commercial town. It serves as headquarters for companies like Reebok, Dunkin Donuts, Interpolymer, Casual Male Retail Group, or Organogenesis. According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of 20011, the top companies employ 5100 people.


The 2010 census counted 21,561 residents in Canton. It consisted of 7,952 households and 5,550 families. The population density was 1,097 persons per square mile and the average density of housing units was 431.1 per square mile.

The population consisted of 23.6% under the age of 18, 5.6% between 18 and 24 years, 29.9% between 25 and 44 years, 24% between 45 and 64 years and 16.9 were 65 years old or older.

The median household income was $69,260 and the median family income was $82,904. The per capita income was $33,510. 7.2% of the whole population of Canton was below the poverty line in 2010.


Canton uses the Open Town Meeting system, as most of the towns in Massachusetts. The Town Meeting is assembled every tear in spring, where the zoning, educational, public, recreational, budget, tax and bond issues are discussed. The open Town Meeting represents the legislative branch of local government. The executive branch is represented by the five-member Board of Selectmen, who oversee day-to-day operations. The Planning Board regulates plans for commercial development, and approves the town’s master plan, also, they make recommendationsfor the Town Meeting on zoning and development affairs. The financial affairs are overseen by the Finance Committee, who also make recommendations for the Town Meeting on budget affairs.


There are three elementary schools in Canton. These are the Lt. Peter M. Hansen, the John F. Kennedy, and the Dean S. LuceElementary schools. The areas where children live determines which elementary school they should attend.

There is one public school in Canton, the William H. Galvin School, and one high school, the Canton High School. Canton also has a private school, the St. John the Evangelist School, that operates since 1883.

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Drainage must be provided for by using drain tile to carry off ground water, especially on the uphill side of the structure. It is always a good plan to lay a sub- floor of cinders or gravel in clay soils. The concrete for the walls should be mixed in proportions of 1:2:4, being 1 part of portland cement, 2 parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel graded in size from 4 inch to 12 inches. One hand stones may be used sparingly in these walls, care being taken to keep them from touching one another or lying against the concrete forms.

The concrete for the floor should be mixed in proportions of 1:2:3Y2 and should be at least four inches thick. If possible, the concrete should be machine mixed and the water content kept low. It should be finished with a wooden float only, and allowed to cure at least a week before being used. It should be kept wet during the curing period, in order that it may attain its full strength. Poultry house with a concrete floor and a rear wall as high as the dropping boards. The two-story building at the far end is a feed house.

THERE is no material superior to concrete in improving the appearance of farm buildings. This picture shows what one man has done with his hog runs. Concrete for this work has eliminated the necessity of constant replacements, and has changed an unattractive and unsanitary yard to a neat, clean run which will last indefinitely with no further expense. The walls are built six inches thick, the base being set below the frost line without spread concrete footings. The Elevation of hog run wall concrete forms should be built in sections, eight or ten feet long, if there is any considerable amount of wall to build. Studs spaced 18 inches apart should provide a rigid wall concrete form that can be set and reset accurately until the job is completed. The concrete should be mixed in proportions of 1: 2/2: 4, being 1 part of portland cement, 23/b parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel, graded in size from Y4 inch to 1-/+ inches. The concrete should be machine mixed if possible, to insure uniformity of mixture and water content, which should be kept as low as possible consistent with workability. It should be placed in the concrete form in layers and thoroughly spaded to insure consolidation of aggregates. The iron pipe for the fencing should be buried in the soft concrete at stated intervals as soon as possible after the concrete is placed, to insure a satisfactory bond. A tee or union at the bottom of the pipe further insures its stability. Care must be used to set the fence pipe plumb and all the same height. After the concrete forms are removed the surface of the wall may be rubbed with an abrasive stone to remove concrete form marks. Fencing should not be set up until the concrete is at least two weeks old, as the strain on the posts may otherwise fracture the concrete.

Concrete is generally used in building a modern sanitary hog house, plans for which are very, nearly standard throughout the country. The sketch and picture indicate the layout most commonly used in building a hog house. The foundations and superstructure are similar to those in any other farm building. The floor is laid over a well-tamped earth sub grade, and at each stall there is a small footing built properly to support the heavy pipe posts and wire panel. The floors, panel concrete footings, and feed troughs are all made of concrete mixed in proportions of 1: 2/2: 4, being 1 part of portland cement, 2/ parts of sand, and 4 parts of stone or gravel, graded in size from Y4 inch to 1 inch. It should be machine mixed if possible, to insure proper proportioning and to keep the water content low. Floors should be finished with a wood float only. Set the forms and pour the panel concrete footings and bases first, into which the panel posts are set while the concrete is being placed.

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