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Everything You Must Know About The Westford –Massachusetts
The Westford is a town located in the Middlesex province in the Massachusetts stare in the United States. Initially part of adjoining Chelmsford, the Western part of the Chelmsford soon emerged large enough in order to support its own governance and it was in an official manner included Westford town on 23rd September 1729.


Weston covers an area of about 31.3 square miles, of that 0.7 square miles is covered by the water bodies and 30.6 square miles is covered by land. This town is bounded by Carlisle towards the Southeast, Acton towards the South, Littleton towards the Southwest, Groton towards the West, Tyngsborough towards the North and Chelmsford towards the East.

Provincially, it is at the end of the Metrowest area of Massachusetts and Merrimack Valley in the Northern part of the Middlesex province. Particularly, these metropolises are detached into unique regions depending on the area, incorporating the Center of Town, Parker Village, Grantieville, Nabnasset and Forge Village. This town was rated at the 11th position as the Best Location to live in the year 2013.

Schools handy for the students of Westford

The administrator of the Westford’s Public School system is an Evertt “Bill” Olsen and the assistant administrator is Kerry Clery. Here you can able to find Elementary, Middle and High Public school.

Public Elementary school: Rita Edwards Miller school, Nabnasset Elementary school, Col. John Robinson School, John A. Crisafulli Elementary school and Abbot Elementary

Public Middle school: Stony Brook Middle school and Lloyd G. Blanchard Middle school

Public High school: Westford Academy

Nashoba Valley Technical High school sector

The Nashoba Valley High school registers students from the Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, Littleton, Groton, Ayer, Chelmsford and Westford. It is built in the year 1969; this high school is a vocational, four-year and public high school.

Transportation facilities offered to the travelers

Merchandise travels regularly via this own across the tracks of the extraordinary Stony Brook Railway. The line now caters as a main corridor of the Pan am Railways’ sector 3 that links Maine and New Hemisphere, with the western part of New York, Vermont and Massachusetts. The Interstate 495 also progressing via the town, connecting it to other regions of the New Hemisphere and the state. The US-3 passes via the town, even though the closest exchanges are situated adjoining Chelmsford and Tyngsborough.

The LRTA 15 bus links this town along the Route 110 with Lowell train station on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority travel Rail Lowell line and Chelmsford.

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The water was supplied from a pump at which 90 lbs. pressure was maintained, and was delivered through 200 feet of new cotton hose and an 11-inch nozzle. Each side was drenched with water while at full temperature, apparently; and the water was thrown as uniformly as possible over the surface to be tested, for the required time. The floors were then flooded on top, and again treated underneath. In as much as the floors and the column were the only parts submitted for tests, the slight cracking and pitting of the walls and partition need not be detailed. The column was practically intact, except that a few small pieces of the concrete were washed out where struck by the stream at close range. The metal, however, remained completely covered. On the rock concrete side, the beams showed naked metal up to within about 7 inches of the ends on one beam, and about 2 feet from the ends on the other beam. The reinforcing bars were denuded over an area of about 30 square feet near the center; but no cracks developed, and the water poured on top seemed to come down only through the pipe set in for the pyrometer. On the cinder concrete side, the beams lost only a little of the edges of the covering, not showing the metal at all. There were no cracks on this side either, and the water came down through the pyrometer tube as on the other side. The metal in the slab was bared over an area of about 24 square feet near the center. During the firing, both chambers were occasionally examined, and no cracking or flaking-off of the concrete could be detected. Hence the water did all the damage that was apparent at the end. During the test the floors supported the load they were designed to carry; and on the following- day the loads were increased to 600 pounds per square foot. The following is taken from Professor Van Dyck's report: "The maximum deflection of the stone concrete before the application of water, was 2l inches; after application of water, 3-?6 inches; with normal temperature and original load, 3 inches; deflection after load of 600 pounds was added, 3H inches. "The maximum deflection of the cinder concrete before the application of water was 6116 inches; after application of water, 61- inches; with normal temperature and original load, 51.1 inches; deflection after a load of 600 pounds was added, 6 inches. These measurements were taken at the center of the roof of each chamber." The two methods used in mixing concrete are by hand and by machinery. Good concrete may be made by either method Concrete mixed by either method should be carefully watched by a good foreman. If a large quantity of concrete is required, it is cheaper to mix it by machinery. On small jobs where the cost of erecting the plant, together with the interest and depreciation, divided by the number of cubic yards to be made, constitute a large item, or if frequent moving is required, it is very often cheaper to mix the concrete by hand. The relative cost of the two methods usually depends upon circumstances, and must be worked out in each individual case. The placing and handling of materials and arranging the plant are varied by different engineers and contractors. In general the mixing of concrete is a simple operation, but should be carefully watched by an inspector. He should see

  1. That the exact amount of stone and sand is measured out;
  2. That the cement and sand are thoroughly mixed;
  3. That the mass is thoroughly mixed;
  4. That the proper amount of water is used;
  5. That care is taken in dumping the concrete in place;
  6. That it is thoroughly rammed.

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