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Fitchburg is a city in Massachusetts, the largest one in Worchester County. It is situated approximately 50 miles away from Boston in the northwest. Fitchburg has urban characteristics with a countryside setting that makes it a popular place to live. The average commute time is almost 27 minutes that is slightly above the US average, 25 minutes. According to, the cost of living is 0.8% higher than the US average.

The town has a total area of 28.1 square miles of which 1.07% is water. The territory includes lots of recreational lands and parks, plus a conservation land, the Flat Rock Wild Life Sanctuary.

Fitchburg uses the Mayor-council type of government. The current mayor is Stephen DiNatale who works together with the 11-member City Council. They serve for two years.


The area of Fitchburg was first settled in 1730. At that time it belonged to Lunenburg. Fitchburg got independent and was officially incorporated in 1764. The city was granted the name after John Fitch, a member of the committee that dealt with Fitchburg’s incorporation.

By the 19th century, Fitchburg became the industrial center of the state. It used hydropower, and produced machines, firearms, other tools, paper and clothing. The Burleigh Rock Drill was also created in Fitchburg, with which the Hoosac Tunnel was built.

Fitchburg is well known for its peculiar Victorian style architecture. A couple of 19th buildings can be still seen in the city, such as the Fay Club, or the old North Worchester County Courthouse.


As of the census of 2010 there were 40,318 residents is Fitchburg. This number included 15,165 households and 9,362 families. The population density was 1450 people per square mile. Out of the total population, 22.9% was under the age of 18,14.1% was between 18 and 24, 25.9% was between 25 and 44, 24.7% was between 45 and 64, and 21.4% was 65 years or older. The median age of Fitchburg was 34.7 years.

The median household income was $47,019, and the median household income was $57,245. The per capita income was $22,972.


Thre is four elementary schools in Fitchburg, two middle schools and one high school. There is the Sizer School that serves children from seventh through twelfth grades. Children can also study in the Fitchburg Arts Academy, Goodrich Academy, or at the Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School.

There are private Schooling options in Fitchburg as well. These are Applewild School, the Notre Dame Preparatory School, the St. Anthony Di Padua Elementary Schoo, theSt. Bernard's Elementary School, and the St. Bernard's Central Catholic High School.

Fitchburg is home to the Fitchburg Sate University, that serves 6,818 people, 4,212 undergraduates and 2,606 postgraduates. The University was founded in 1894, as the State Normal School in Fitchburg, and it was a secondaryeducation school for women. In 1932 authorization was extended to all academic disciplines in 1932 and its name became to State Teachers College at Fitchburg. In 1960, the name was changed to The State College of Fitchburg, then it had further evolved into Fitchburg State College by 1965. It granted its final name in 2010.

Are You in Fitchburg Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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This process is fully illustrated in the succeeding articles. In the examples given it should be noted that all practical considerations, such as choice and spacing of bars, are ignored in order that attention may be centered on the principles involved. Experience has shown that it is important that the student avoid raising such questions during this preliminary study. Every structural member of reinforced concrete belongs to one of three classes: beams, subject only to bending, caused by loads that act perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, or by applied couples or by both transverse loading and applied couples; compression members, carrying loads whose lines of action coincide with the longitudinal axis and which cause uniform compression on any section normal to that axis; members subject to both direct compression and bending. Since the concrete of a purely tension member does not assist in carrying the load such a piece cannot logically be said to be one of reinforced concrete. The relation that exists between the internal fiber stresses of a homogeneous rectangular beam and the external forces may be found in the following manner. Consider the end supported beam shown for convenience in a horizontal position, with the known external forces acting perpendicular to the longitudinal axis and in the plane of the vertical axis, thus ensuring bending alone, without direct stress or torsion. The beam as a whole is at rest under the action of the outer forces. Therefore the portion of the beam to the left of the plane section is also in equilibrium, the balanced system of forces acting thereon being the external forces applied to that part of the beam and the internal fiber stresses exerted on it by the part of the beam to the right of mn. Considering each of these forces to be represented by its resultant, this force system is co-planar and the conditions of equilibrium for such a system give certain information regarding the unknown fiber stresses. The condition ZY = 0 shows that the total shearing stress along mn equals the resultant of the external forces to the left of the section, that is, the internal shear equals the external shear. The condition ZM 0 (taking moments about any point in the plane mn) shows that concrete forms are stable. The strict limitation of the term "beam" adopted in this text is not in accordance with everyday usage which applies the word loosely to any member whose loading is either largely or entirely transverse. The strict usage is desirable for clearness of analysis. For a general and rigorous derivation of the common beam theory the reader is referred to the standard texts on strength of materials. The purpose here is to review important principles and emphasize the main points of the argument. Wood fiber stresses equal to C or T a where the arm of the couple, the distance between the resultant compression and resultant tension. This couple is the resisting moment (MR), equal in value and opposite in direction to the external bending moment (BM), at the section. Having gained all the information possible from the principles of statics, resource next must be had to direct observation of the actual beam under load, the loaded and unloaded positions being represented in Fig. 9f, with the deflection greatly exaggerated. Careful measurements show that any normal section, such as 1 or 2, is practically a plane section in the loaded as well as in the unloaded beam. Examination of the positions taken by these two planes in the bent beam shows that one horizontal fiber extending from section to section remains unchanged in length and that the fibers above are all shortened and those below lengthened.

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