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The town of Lexington is located in Middlesex County, approximately 14 miles away from Boston. The town includes 15.6 square miles of land of which 0.85% is water.


The area of Lexington was first settled in around 1642. At that time, it was part of Cambridge. In 1691 the area that now is called Lexington was incorporated as a parish of Cambridge, called Cambridge Farms, and it belonged under the jurisdiction of Cambridge.

Lexington was finally incorporatedas an independent town in 1713 and received the name Lexington. Some people believed that the town granted its name after Lexington, Nottinghamshire, England, but some people says that the town was named to honorLord Lexington, an English Peer.

In the early history of the town, the town was largely a farming community, where the focal point was around Vine Brook. This brook provided water to many types of mills and for irrigation.

Lexington is also renowned for being the first battle scene of the American Revolutionary War.


There were rapid increases in the population of Lexington in the 1960s and 1970s, due to a high-tech boom. As of the census of 2010, the population of Lexington reached 31,394 residents. This number included 11,530 households and 8,807 families. The average household size in Lexington was 2.66 and the average family size was 3.10.

The demographic composition of Lexington consisted of 26.4% under the age of 18, 3.5% was between the ages 18 and 24, 22.7% between the ages 25 and 44, 28.5% was between the ages 45 and 64, and 19% was 65 years old or older.

The median householdincome in Lexington was $191,350, and the median income for families was $218,890. The per capita income reached $70,132. Approximately 3.4%ofthe whole population was below the poverty line.

At the time of the census, 20% of the inhabitants of Lexington were born outside the US.


The Lexington Public Schools operates the public schools in the town. It runs six elementary schools (Joseph Estabrook Elementary School, Bridge Elementary School, Harrington Elementary School, Fiske Elementary School, Maria Hastings Elementary School, Bowman Elementary School), two middle schools (William Diamond Middle School, Jonas Clarke Middle School), and a single high school (Lexington high School). There is also a regional high school in the region, the Minuteman Regional high School. The public school system of Lexington is regarded as one of the best school districts nationwide.


Lexington is governed by a Representative Town Meeting, which consists of 203 members.The Town meeting is responsible for the legislative matters of the town. There are at-large members, these are the 5 member Board of Selectmen, Town Council, Town Clerk, the School Committee chairman, the Appropriation Committee chairman, the representatives of the General Court, and the Town Moderator.

The Board of selectmen oversees the operations of the town government.

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Consistency of concrete should be like heavy cream. The cost of concrete work varies considerably on account of the many elements entering into the work. For instance, the cost of building the various structures illustrated in this book may be very small, as the work itself may be done by the owner or farmer at odd times or with comparatively cheap help, while in building with other materials, either brick or - wood, it is necessary to employ carpenters or masons. Moreover, even if the lumber for the forms costs nearly as much as the lumber for a wooden structure, as is sometimes the case, it need not be thrown away, but may be used again for other purposes. If hired laborers and carpenters do the work it may be stated as a general rule that concrete is always more expensive in first cost than wood. On the other hand, concrete does not rot, it does not burn, and it does not have to be painted, so that it frequently may be cheaper in the long run. Besides this, more unique and pleasing effects may be produced.

Concrete is one of the best fireproof materials known. It resists intense heat better than iron, steel, ordinary brick or stone, and in the San Francisco and Baltimore fires it stood the test better than any other material. It can therefore be depended upon to resist any ordinary fire. Concrete is used extensively as a fire-protective covering for steel, for which purpose about two inches is necessary. In reinforced concrete the iron or steel should be imbedded one or two inches for protection. By mixing wet and using proportions one part Portland Cement to one and one- half parts sand to three parts screened gravel and placing in one continuous operation, so that no surface is allowed to harden, or else by forming very good joints as described on page 116, concrete is watertight under ordinary conditions. Long walls to resist water pressure must be well reinforced to prevent cracks due to temperature contraction, since concrete expands and contracts with changes of temperature just like other materials.

Concrete properly proportioned and mixed wet absolutely prevents any metal imbedded in it from rusting. Concrete resists sea water, provided it is properly proportioned with first-class materials and is carefully laid. After concrete has thoroughly hardened it resists acids better than almost any other material. A substance like manure, because of the acid which it contains, has been known to slightly injure the surface of green concrete, but after the concrete has hardened for at least a week it is proof against injury. When concrete is properly made and the surface carefully finished and is hardened before the oil comes against the concrete, it can be depended upon to resist the action of almost any oil. For use in the regions where there is alkaline ground water, concrete should be especially rich, dense and water-tight. Concrete work should be avoided so far as possible in freezing weather, as the frost will prevent the bonding of different layers and will cause a thin scale to peel off of the surface of concrete.

It is a good rule to follow, therefore, never to lay concrete. if the temperature is below freezing or liable to fall below freezing in a day or two. The use of concrete fence posts is becoming very general. This is due not only to the scarcity and high price of good straight wood posts, but to the almost unlimited life of the concrete post, its greater strength and more pleasing appearance. Concrete fence posts should be a little larger than wood fence posts, and may be made either straight for the whole length or slightly tapering. Five or six inches square at the bottom and four or five inches square at the top is an ordinary size, or for convenience in molding they may not be made exactly square, say, 6 inches by5 inches at the bottom and 5 inches by 4 inches at the top, this size being selected for the form shown.

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