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Ipswich is located in Essex County, Massachusets, along the coast. It lies approximately 30 miles away from Boston in the north direction. The is no major interstate highways that run through the town. The closest one is accessible through the neighbouring Boxford and Topsfield.

Commuters from Ipswich can take the MBTA Commuter Railway to Boston, along the Newburyport/Rockport line.

The Ipswich riverflows into the Atlantic Ocean on the territory of Ipswich. A large portion of Ipswich is protected land, including the Crane Wildlife Refuge, the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, the Sandy Point State Reservation, Hamlin Reservation, Heartbreak Hill Reservation, Bull Brook Reservation, Greenwood Farm, and some part of the Appleton Farms Sanctuary.


In 1630 several, colonists sailed from England to the New World on the Arbellaflagship.They were led by John Wontroop the younger. The colonists investigated the areas of Salem and Cape Ann. Ipswich was eventually founded in 1633 by John Winthrop the Younger and was officially incorporated in 1634. The settlers became farmers, fishermen, shipbuilders and traders. They utilized the hydropower of the Ipswich River, built water power mills and salt marshes. The first industries were a cottage industry and lace-making. Sir Edmund Andros, the English colonial administrator wanted to impose taxes on the citizens but as the residents were English men, they refused to pay without representation. The citizens were lead by Reverend John the Wise to go against taxation. Many people were put to jail as a consequence. Andros was recalled to England so this attempt of taxation failed, but William and Mary, the new British sovereigns issued another charter for the colonists. The rebellion against this charter is regarded as one of the first events of the American Independence.

The town remained a farming and fishing community. It started to develop as a mill town when British exported the technology required – against the sovereigns’ will.

Ipswich is also known as the home of Ipswich Witchcraft Trial that was an American Civil Case in 1878. By 1918 it was considered to be the last witchcraft trial in the US.


By 2000, there were 12,978 residents in Ipswich. This number included 5,290 households and 3,459 families. The age composition of Ipswich was 23% under the age of 18, 5.1 between 18 and 24, 28.3% between 25 and 44, 28.1% between 45 and 64, and 15.6% who were 65 years of age or older.The median age in 2000 was 42 years.

The median income for a household was $57,248 and $74,931 for a family. The pre capita income was $32,516.


There are two elementary schools in Ipswich, these are the Paul F. Doyon Elementary and Winthrop Elementary schools. These schools serve children from kindergarten through the fifth grade.After that, children can attend the Ipswich middle school which is in the same building as the Ipswich High School. The Ipswich High School is considered to be one of the best public high schools in the Boston Area.

Are You in Ipswich Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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This is done with a large nail or a hammer handle. For a round structure two sets of circular forms are usually needed, namely, inner and outer forms. Both of these come into use when building a silo or other structure having a thin wall, but in the case of a solid column only the outer form is necessary. Both inner and outer forms are made practically the same, except that the radius of the outer one is of necessity greater than that of the inner because of the thickness of the walls between the two forms. A simple method of drawing the circle for the outer form is as follows: Take a piece of string, attach one end to a long spike, marked "A,", and stick it into the ground. Measure off on the string one-half the diameter of the circle desired, tie a knot, through which force a nail (marked "B," Fig. 4), and, keeping the string stretched between these two points, draw a continuous line. Lay the boards around the line just made, nail them together firmly and then mark the one sand screen, 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch mesh, for screening sand from the gravel. One mixing platform about 10 feet square built so substantially that it can be moved without coming to pieces, having a 2 X 3-inch strip around the edge to prevent the waste of materials and water. This platform can be made of i-inch stuff, resting on joists about 2 feet apart, provided it is stiffened by being tongued and grooved. Concrete should be mixed as near the place where it is to be used as practicable, so as to avoid delay in getting it into place. If left standing any length of time it will set and become useless. To avoid this, mix small batches at a time, using on a small job not-more than a half barrel or two bags of cement to the batch. Should the cement take its initial set, i. e., begin to harden, before being placed in the forms, so that it lumps when re tempered, discard it, as the hardening qualities of cement are affected if disturbed after it has begun to set. If sand or gravel requires washing, add to the above list of tools and apparatus: One washing screen for sand with 30 meshes to the linear inch. One washing screen for gravel with V4-inch meshes. Too much attention cannot be paid to this important part MEASURING of concrete making. The best and most convenient way to measure the sand and stone is to make a measuring box or frame as shown. The inside dimensions of the box for different mixes of concrete are given in the table below, the size of the box being based on a two-bag batch of concrete; that is, using two bags granulated Portland cement to each batch. The use of the box or frame for measuring can be best illustrated by the following example: the table a measuring frame or box, 10 inches high by 2 feet 4 inches by 4 feet inside dimensions must be made. Lay this box on the mixing platform, fill it exactly half full of sand, up to a mark previously made all around it, and level off the sand to make sure that the sand just fills half the frame, and then raise the measuring frame. Dump two bags of cement on the sand and mix it as described under "Mixing". Even off the mixed cement and sand, place the measuring box on top of it and fill the frame with stone level with the top. Level off the stone carefully, raise the measuring box and the correct amount of stone is ready to be mixed with the cement and sand. Another way to measure the sand and stone is by using a wheelbarrow. To determine the capacity of the wheelbarrow, dump into it one or two bags of cement and see how much of the wheelbarrow is filled; taking this as a unit, measure the sand and stone accordingly, using perhaps a little less of the sand and stone than would be indicated by the cement measure considered as one part. This method is not nearly as accurate as the first one, and if used the barrow should be filled with the cement two or three times a day to keep the eye trained.

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