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Dedham is located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The total area of town is 10.6 square miles that consistsof 8 neighborhoods. These are: Oakdale in the center, Riverdale, Greenlodge, The Manor, East Dedham, Upper Denham, Ashcroft and Fairbanks.


Dedham was first settled by people from Roxbury and Watertown, then Became incorporated as a town in 1636. The inhabitants wanted to name the town ‘Contentment’ but the Massachusetts General Court overruled them and chose the name Dedham, after Dedham, England, as most of the citizens were born there. When Norfolk County was created in 1793, Dedham became the county seat.

The first man-made canal in North America was made in Dedham in 1639 between Charles River and Neponset River. It powered several local mills due to their different elevations.

In 1643, Dedham authorized the first public school funded by public taxation. The first schoolmaster was Rev. Ralph Wheelock, who was paid 20 pounds annually to lead the school.

Dedham set a precedent in the separation of church and state in 1818. Instead of paying taxes for the public teachers of religion, residents could select their own a minister, while still having the church selectmen appointing their own. The shift in power led to the emergence of Congregational Churches.

Dedham is also known as the home of the Fairbanks house that is the oldest standing timberframe house, built in 1637.


As of the Census of 2000, there were 23,464 residents in Dedham that included 8,654 households and 6,144 families. The population density was2,244 persons per square miles. The population of Dedham was built up by 22.2% of the population under the age of 18, 5.8% between 18 and 24 years, 31.1% between 25 and 44, 24.2% between 45 and 64 and16.6% was 65 years old or older.

The per capita income of the Dedham was $28,199 at the time of the census. The median household income was $61,699 and the median family income was $72,330. Approximately 4.6% of the population lived below the poverty line.


The town in governed by the system of Town Meeting, however it was amended several times since 1998. 270 members attend the Annual Town Meeting, and it’s responsible for the prudential,fiscal, and municipal affairs. The executive branch of the government is the Board of Selectmen. It has five members, all of them are elected for three-year terms, and they are the chief policy creating body of Dedham. The Town Clerk supports the work of the Board of Selectmen and the Town Meeting as well, they work full-time and are appointed for three years.


Dedham is known for being the first town to implement tax-funded public education. The Dedham Public Schools operates seven schools in the area of Dedham. There is one early childhood educational center, four elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. Apart from public education, there are several private schooling options in the area.

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These blocks are not as good as some of the patented supports but are satisfactory for much work. Beam steel may be supported from the bottom of the forms or it may be hung in the stirrups by means of light bars, called loop bars, which run under the hooks of the stirrups and are supported from the slab forms. Vertical steel in columns and walls usually requires temporary support at the top to keep it in correct alignment during pouring. In the design of such vertical steel consideration should be paid to its need for stiffness in supporting itself before and during the placing of the concrete. Usually, where it is possible, reinforcement is made up into units before placing in the forms. This can almost always be done with column steel and usually with beam steel. Where a large amount of negative reinforcement (that is, reinforcement extending over the supports in the top of continuous beams) interlaces with column hooping it must be placed piece by piece. Slab steel can seldom be handled by units. Loose negative reinforcement, that is, straight top bars not connected with those in the bottom of the slab, must often be placed during pouring. However, this should be done only under careful and experienced supervision. Such top bars can usually be made up into units with the spacer bars (often called temperature reinforcement) and this is advisable because a unit is less likely to be pushed too deeply into the concrete than are separate rods. Near cities and on large jobs in almost any location the bending of the reinforcement is usually done in the yard or shop of the reinforcing contractor and the steel is delivered on the job in bundles all bent and tagged. When it is bent on the job it should be done in a field shop and not in place. The durability of concrete is manifestly of primary importance. Time has proved that when made from good materials, properly proportioned, mixed, placed and cured, concrete is well nigh everlasting, even under conditions of severe climatic exposure. Durability means, however, not only inherent permanence and resistance to weathering but also resistance to wear and to the chemical attack of substances that may in any manner be brought in contact with the concrete. If a surface is to be exposed to wear the concrete must be of hard aggregate, carefully proportioned for great density and strength, and kept warm and moist for a curing period of from 10 days to three weeks. Certain applied concrete hardeners may be advantageous here. They will accomplish little that may not be done without them but their use may prove economical. Good Portland cement concrete exposed to the action of sea water in general remains unaffected when protected from abrasion. Permeable concrete may disintegrate badly, especially in the parts lying between low and high water, this action being much more rapid when frost action aids the destruction. Waters charged with alkalis of the sulfate type, such as are common in many regions of Western North America, cause serious disintegration of Portland cement concrete even when it is of the best quality. Alkalis of the carbonate and chloride types are far less destructive. Accordingly alkali ground waters must be kept from contact with concrete if it is to endure. Thorough drainage and the use of waterproof coatings are beneficial here. Rich mixes should be used; the Joint Committee specifies that for Portland cement concrete exposed to sea water between tide levels or exposed to alkali water, a minimum of 7 bags of cement be used for each cubic yard of concrete. Concretes made with the new quick- hardening high alumina cements are not attacked by sea water or alkalis. Concrete reinforced with steel is far more susceptible to deterioration by weather and the action of sea water and alkali than plain concrete because of the destructive effects that follow the corrosion of improperly protected reinforcement.

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