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Medfield Massachusetts is a town in Norfolk County, located approximately 17miles away from Boston in the southwest direction. Roads 27 and 109 run through the town, connecting it with surrounding settlements.

The total area of the town is 14.6 square miles of which 0.62% is water. Almost one-thirdof the whole town is bordered by the Charles River.

There is a reservation land in the northeastern part of Medfield, called the Rocky Woods. This 491-acre reservation land has 6.5 miles of nature trails, some ponds, and open spaces for community events. This reservation land is a beloved recreational area of Medfield.


The land of today’s Medfield belonged to the Neponset Indian tribe prior the colonization. William Pynchon, one of the first colonists of the New World and original patentee of the Massachusetts Bay Colony purchased the land from Chickatabot, the leader of the Neponset tribe in the late 1620s.

After the deal, Chickabot died in smallpox, before any written document would have been issued. The Court of Massachusetts ordered the Indians, who were still living in the area, to “set out the bounds thereof”.

Initially, Medfield was part of Dedham and was called New Dedham at the time. It wasfirst settled in 1649,mostly by people relocated from Dedham. The town got incorporated as a separate unit in 1651 by the General Court, and became the 43rd town of Massachusetts.

During the King Philip’s War, half on Medfield was destroyed by the Indians, in 1675. The town was rebuilt shortly with boundaries that originally were extended to today’s Medway and Millis. In 1713 this hugetown was divided, and the area west of the Charles River became the town of Medway.


In 2010, there were 12,024 residents living in Medfield. This number included 5,284 households and 5,462 families. The average size of a household was 3.02 and the average size of a family was 3.41.

The population ofMedfield consisted of 33.6% under the age of 18, 3.5% between the ages 18 and 24, 28.4% between the ages 25 and 44, 25.2% betweenthe ages 45 and 64, and 9.3% of those who were 65 years old or older. The median age inMedfield is 38 years.

The Median household income for Medfield was $133,931 and the median family income was $144,263. Theper capita income for the town was $62,076.

Approximately 1.4% of the population was below the poverty line.


The Medfield Public Schools runs the public educational scenes in Medfield. This system has consistentlyranked in the top 10 school systems in Massachusetts.

There are five public schools in Medfield. There are three elementary schools, the Memorial, Wheelock, and the Dale Street schools. The Thomas A.Dale Middle School serves children between grades 6-8 and children can finish their studies in the Medfield High School.

There is one private schoolin the region, the Montrose School, which is a girls’ Catholic preparatory institution.

Are You in Medfield Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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Concrete forms should be built as in Fig. 25. Remove the forms as soon as the concrete will withstand its own weight without bulging, and proceed as per directions given on this page (Fig. 25). Keep moist for several days and protect from the sun. The above measurements may be varied to suit local conditions. Each year dairymen are realizing more and more the necessity of improving and changing their methods in order to produce milk which contains fewer bacteria than that of their neighbor or competitor. A number of factors enter into the accomplishment of this result. It is stated by experienced dairymen that the material of which the barn is made is of the most vital importance, for this may be the breeding place of germs. With the use of concrete this question is solved, because a building so constructed offers no chance for the germs to nest. If one goes a step further and constructs the floors, concrete troughs, stalls and other fixtures all of concrete, perfect hygienic conditions are realized, and the road is clear to securing germ-proof milk. Many designs of feeding concrete troughs have been used, but most of them are objectionable from a hygienic standpoint. A concrete feeding concrete trough, shown in section in Fig. 26, is similar to the concrete trough developed after considerable study by the well-known dairy expert, Mr. S. L. Stewart, and used by him at Somers Center, N. Y., and elsewhere. This design has a high front end, slanting instead of straight, in order to avoid scratching and bumping it with the carts and to keep them out of the drain in front. Use the sane design of forms for the slanting front as that shown in the figure, except place the bottom of the form 8 inches in from the vertical. Make the inside of the concrete trough at the center either on a level with the top of the finished floor or about 2 inches above it, and give it a slope Of 3 inches in 50 feet in order to readily drain the water at the lower end. Some of the features which this concrete trough incorporates are: The front of the concrete trough is low so that it does not catch the breath of the cow, and still is high enough to prevent the material from being spilled out unnecessarily. Only a minimum amount of water need be run into the concrete trough, and still it will be deep enough to allow the cattle to drink freely. The concrete trough is of such a width that the least amount of material is apt to be thrown out of the concrete trough by the cattle. The following costs of concrete troughs are figured from actual data taken by a contractor on a job in New York. These values checked almost exactly with those given by another contractor in a different section of the country. The comparison was made possible, of course, by assuming that the unit cost of material and labor the same for both jobs, thus placing them on the same basis. A concrete trough such as is shown in Fig. 26 contains about 3/2 cubic feet of concrete per running foot of concrete trough. It should be made with one part granulated Portland Cement to two and one-half parts clean, coarse sand, to five parts of stone, and finished with a one-inch coat of one part granulated Portland Cement to one and one-half parts of sand.

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