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Easton is located in the southern region of Massachusetts, in Bristol County. It is approximately 30 miles away from Boston in the south. Easton is mainly a residential community but it has experienced rapid growth over the last years, including the openingof two shopping plazas, and the development of a vibrant business community.

The town has a total area of 29.2 square miles of which 2.54% is water. Also, the town has an own state forest that includes part of Borderland State Park, Hommock Swamp and the Wheaton Farm Conservation Area.


Prior the European settlers came to the area the land of Easton was a hunting and burialland for the Native Americans. Clement Briggs led the first settlers to the area of Easton in 1694. The Taunton North purchased the area later on. Therefore, there was no legal parish in town until 1722, when the East Precinct of Norton was officially created. Then, in 1725 it finally was incorporated as the Town of Easton, which name derives from its former name, ‘East End’.

In 1803 the Ames Shovel Works was founded in Easton, which was worth $1.5 million by 1875. It became nationally known for providing shovels to lay the Union Pacific Road. The Ames family continued to lead thetown’s economy and startedthe construction of some landmark buildings, designed by H. H. Richardson, some of which we can still see in the town. Some examples of his works in Easton: The Ames Free Library, the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, the Ames Gate Lodge, or the H. H. Richardson-F. L. Olmsted Intermediate School.


At the census of 2000, there were 22,299 residents in Easton. This included 7,489 households and 71 families. The population density was 784.1 people per square mile. The population spread out with 24.4% under the age of 18, 13.1% between 18 and 24, 28.7% between 25 and 44, between 45 and 64 and 9.4% of 65 years or older.

The median household income was $69,144 and the median family income was $82,190 in Easton in 2000. The income per capita was $30,732. Approximately 2% of the population was below the poverty line.


Easton has its own public school system. There are three lementary schools, these are: the Center Elementary School in Easton Center, the Parkview Elementary School in North Easton, and theMoreau Hall Elementary School at Daley Corner. Then, middle schoolers ho to Richardson-Olmsted School serving children from grades 3-5. Finally, children can attend the Oliver Ames High School to finish their secondary studies.

Easton is also home to the Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School, where children from the surrounding towns can attend. Students may also choose the Oliver Ames, Southeastern, or Bristol County Agricultural High School of totally free of charge.


Routes 106, 123 and 138 run through Easton, and two major highways run through the town as well, these are Route 24 and Interstate 495. In Easton there are two commuter railway stations along the Stoughton Branch of the MBTA, North Eaton and Easton Village.

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The committee charged with the task of preparing this web site on reinforced concrete cutting recognizes that throughout the United States there are many codes and specifications covering a multitude of uses of reinforced concrete cutting. In these codes various types of static and moving loads are anticipated for use under numerous conditions; consequently there are many combinations of unit stresses needed for general design. One of the important objectives of the committee has been to prepare concrete cutting as large a range of unit stresses as may be met in general practice.

A second and equally important aim has been to improve the speed of cutting concrete under combined bending and axial load to the same simple form as is used in the solution of common flexural problems. The concrete committee necessarily has consulted and studied many authorities, too many to list, and acknowledges its gratitude to all of those writers who have, from the beginning, contributed so generously of their time and energy to make possible this report.

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Determination of the required depth of concrete slabs having balanced steel reinforcement and subject to simple bending involves only the use of Table 2 from which the effective depth can be selected when the allowable working stresses and the value are known. Concrete cutting applies also to combined bending and axial load.

The dimensions of rectangular beams with similar information given can be obtained very easily. Concrete Cutting may be considered preliminary to the examples which follow and has been carried only to the point of determining the slab and beam dimensions. The method of determining the reinforcement is illustrated in succeeding examples. The problem of determining the tensile and compressive reinforcement strength in concrete in a double-reinforced concrete beam is solved by computing represents that part of the external moment which the concrete cutting section is unable to carry when stressed to the allowable limit. This part of the moment must therefore be taken by compressive reinforcement. The tabular values of cutting concrete are based upon average values of j in the usual range of working stresses. While the use of the value a, in general, gives more accurate results than the often used value of concrete sawing for both single and double-reinforced beams, it should be realized in the latter case that the value of as thus obtained is approximate as statelier the footnote. The design of T-sections subject to simple bending and neglecting the stress in the stem is essentially the same as the design of a rectangular beam. When the stress in the stem of a T-section is included and compressive reinforcement is or is not required, the design procedure is similar to that.

We Core Drill Perfectly Round Holes In Concrete Structures.

Procedures presented here for investigation of flexural members are fundamentally alike for simple bending and for combined bending and axial load. For rectangular sections that need to be cut using diamond saw blades are subject to simple bending, values of the thickness of the concrete wall can be taken from a simple measurement, respectively, when the concrete sawing, cutting and breaking are known. Having the values of the concrete saw, stresses in the concrete cutting and reinforcement are computed by the usual formulas. In the investigation of concrete cutting, the subject to simple bending when the stress in the stem is neglected, the value of the diamond blade is computed directly without use of tables. With it determined, a diamond blade depth is obtained from a chart.

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Concrete cutting and the stresses involved can then be easily computed. When the stress in the stem of a T-section is taken into consideration, the problem is similar to that of a rectangular section except that the formulas for m, q and j are modified to take into account the dimensions of the flange and web. Note that the value of 5 is computed and not taken from Table 13 as in the case of rectangular sections. The procedure for investigating rectangular and T-sections subject to combined bending and axial load is essentially the same as for simple bending. It is necessary to make a preliminary estimate of the value of j in order to obtain the depth of the concrete slab, which is subsequently used in computing and measuring.

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