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Devens is located in the northeastern region of Massachusetts, along Route 2.The closest big city is Fitchburg that is only approximately 20 miles away from Devens. The capital of Massachusetts, Boston is about 40 miles away in asoutheast direction. Devens is a relatively newly established that used to be a military base between 1917 and 1996.


Fort Devens serves the US Army for 79 years. The military base, however was closed in 1996. Due to the endorsement of surrounding towns and the approval of the state, MassDevelopment claimed the property and had begun the stimulation economic investments throughout Massachusetts. This project has been redeveloping the area creating it a diverse residential and business community. MassDevelopment provides municipal services, environmental protection, education, and infrastructure for development. They are gradually turning the military base to a planned community, where homes and business centers are available for the public. Devens has approximately 2,100 acres of land where it provides several active and passive recreational activities. MassDevelopment will run Devens until 2033 for sure, taking care of further development in the area.


As of the census of 2010, there were 1,840 residents living in Devens, where 86.6% were men and 13.4% were women.

The estimated median household income was $62.483 in 2010, that is slightly below that of the Massachusetts’. The estimated income per capita is $30,741. As far as the composition of the population is concerned, there 63.4% of the population was White, 17.6% was Black and 14.5% was Hispanic. The unemployment rate is 4.8% that is slightly above the Massachusetts average, 4.5%.

Most of the people (32%) are employedin the Administrative, Support and Waste Management industries. The next biggest employers are in the field of Construction, Educational Services and Healthcare (17-17%).


The School District of Devens was established in 2001 but since then, it’s a non-operating education district. It has contracted with the Town of Harvard School District and all the education-related services are under this contract that is valid until 2020.

Under this contract, there is the Hildreth Elementary School that serves children from kindergarten through the fifth grade. Bromfield School educates children from grade six until grade twelve. School Choice and Charter Schools are vocational technical schools that are available to every student.

The Devens Educational Advisory Committee assists MassDevelopment. This Committee is an advisory body on all educational matters. The DEAC consists of four Denver residents, two of which have to be school aged, and one member of school committees of Harvard and Ayer-Shirley.


The residents of Devens are represented on two levels. Firstly there is a five-member elected committee, the Devens Committee that serves as an advisory body of MassDevelopment. Secondly, those people who live outside of Devens proper belong to the government of Ayer or Harvard.

Are You in Devens Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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Steel increases in volume when it corrodes and cracks or splits off the concrete covering with consequent increase in the rate of destruction. If the steel is embedded a sufficient distance in concrete of good quality, as provided by the usual rules, it is secure against corrosion. For structural members in sea water, the reinforcement is required by the Joint Committee to be at least 3 inches from the surface except at corners where 4 inches is prescribed. Somewhat less protection is required for alkali exposure. For ordinary construction the Joint Committee specifies:

"Metal reinforcement in wall footings and column footings shall have a minimum covering of 3 in. of concrete. At surfaces of concrete exposed to the weather, metal reinforcement shall be protected by not less than 2 in. of concrete.

Concrete is often used where it is exposed to the action of oils, of sewage or of various chemicals. The effect of all such liquids must be carefully considered and suitable protective measures adopted when needed. Concrete made from most of the usual types of aggregates is an excellent fire-resistive and fireproofing material, the rate of thermal conductivity being so low that properly covered steel is thoroughly protected. A certain amount of spalling and surface calcinations is inevitable in a severe fire but properly made with proper materials a reinforced concrete structure should stand an ordinary fire without material structural damage. For fireproofing cover the Joint Committee specifies: Metal reinforcement in fire-resistive construction shall be protected by not less than 1 in of concrete in slabs and walls, and not less than 2 in. in beams, girders, and columns, provided aggregate showing an expansion not materially greater than that of limestone or trap-rock is used; when impracticable to obtain aggregate of this grade the protective covering shall be 1 in. thicker and shall be reinforced with metal mesh, having openings not exceeding 3 in., placed 1 in. from the finished surface." "In structures where the fire hazard is limited, the metal reinforcement shall not be placed nearer the exposed surface than 4 in. in slabs and walls, or 14 in. in beams, girders, and columns." It should be noted that common practice is that indicated by the second paragraph quoted. The corrosion of steel reinforcement by electrolytic action occasionally takes place but in general no special precautions need to be taken on this account.' It is worthy of note that the use of salt in the mixing water increases the conductivity of concrete and enormously increases electrolytic action when it takes place. Stray electric currents are rarely a source of trouble except in structures in contact with sea water. Another source of damage to concrete is the percolation of water. Accordingly means should be taken to prevent this by proper drainage and waterproofing, being careful to avoid any arrangement that permits accumulation of water. It is perfectly possible to make concrete water-tight up to heads of 70 feet or more provided cracks do not develop due to stress, temperature or to the opening up of construction joints. Structures below ground are relatively little affected by temperature but those exposed to the weather are very likely to develop leaks through construction joints no matter how well these joints are made. Continuous metal dams across such joints are probably the best means for minimizing this difficulty. Stress cracks can be lessened by reducing the stresses. In reinforcing water-tight work it is particularly important that steel be used wherever bending would tend to cause tension and hence cracks, whether the steel is needed for stability or not.

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