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Shirley: An Alluring Town With Modern Facilities In Massachusetts
Shirley is one among the town in Middlesex province in a Massachusetts state in the United States. It is situated nearly 50 miles away from the North of Boston city. This town is administered by the Open Town Meeting and by the members of the Board of Selectmen. Shirley offers state-of-the-art facilities and a small township life with a rural atmosphere.

In this town you can find a well-preserved remarkable New England town hub. It also caters as a home for the Massachusetts Correctional Institution; it is a moderate security state confinement. This town incorporates a complete admiration of municipal services reverence of the town’s highway, fire and police departments.


Shirley covers an area of about 15.9 square miles, of that 0.1 square miles is covered by the water body and remaining 15.8 square miles is covered by the land. It is bordered by the Nashua and Squannacook rivers and incorporates Catecunemaug Brook and Mulpus Brook. Major wetlands that you can find in this town are Tophet swamp and Spruce swamp.

Schools available in this town

When it comes to the matter of education, here you can find a primary school called the Lura A. White P School. Most of the high school and middle school students in this town attend the school called Ayer-Shirley Regional High school and Ayer-Shirley Regional Middle school. The new territorial school system is divided with the adjacent town called Ayer officially established in the year 2011.

Wonderful Attractions in Shirley

Being a small town, it attracts the tourists towards it. Some of the parks that you can find in this place are Whitely park, Fredonia Nature Center and Benjamin Hill Recreation center. Along with this, you can even find so many alluring churches. Most of the visitors visit this place to view the astonishing places like Shirley Senior Center, Shirley shaker Village, Historical Society Museum and Massachusetts Correctional Institution; it is a medium security state jail.

Transportation facilities

Traveler rail service from the Boston’s North Station is offered by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority with a halt in this locality on Fitchburg Line. The MART offers Councils-On-Aging assistance for disabled and elderly citizens.

Media amenities in Shirley

If you consider the media like newspapers, in this town you can able to avail the newspapers like Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Shirley Oracle, Shirley Volunteer and Lowell Sun. The cable service in this town is Shirley Public Access Corporation.

Are You in Shirley Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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The trial pastes are made with varying percentages of water until the correct consistency is obtained. The Concrete Committee has recommended, as normal, a paste the consistency of which is rather wet, because it believes that variations in the amount of compression to which the briquette is subjected in molding are likely to be less with such a paste. Having determined in this manner the proper percentage of water required to produce a paste of normal consistency, the proper percentage required for the concrete mortars is obtained from an empirical formula. The Concrete Committee hopes to devise a formula.

The subject proves to be a very difficult one, and, although the Concrete Committee has given it much study, it is not yet prepared to make a definite recommendation. The Concrete Committee on Standard Specifications for Cement inserts the following table for temporary use to be replaced by one to be devised by the Concrete Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The object of this test is to determine the time which elapsed from the moment water is added until the paste the cake is hard enough to bear a gentle pressure of the finger nail, the cement has begun to set, and when it is not indented by a considerable pressure of the thumb nail, it is said to have set. The Concrete Committee recognizes the grave objections to the standard quartz now generally used, especially on account of its high percentage of voids, the difficulty of compacting in the moulds, and its lack of uniformity; it has spent much time in investigating the various natural sands which appeared to be available and suitable for use. For the present, the Concrete Committee recommends the natural sand from Ottawa, Ill., screened to pass a sieve having 20 meshes per linear inch and retained on a sieve having 30 meshes per linear inch; the wires to have diameters of 0.0165 and 0.0112 inches, respectively, i.e., half the width of the opening in each case. Sand having passed the No. 20 sieve shall be considered standard when not more than one percent passes a No. 30 sieve after one minute continuous sifting of a 500-gram sample.

While the form of the briquette recommended by a former Concrete Committee of the Society is not wholly satisfactory, this Concrete Committee is not prepared to suggest any change, other than rounding off the corners by curves of 1-inch radius. The moulds should be made of brass, bronze, or some equally non-corrodible material, having sufficient metal in the sides to prevent spreading during molding. Gang moulds, which permit molding a number of briquettes at one time, are preferred by many to single moulds; since the greater quantity of concrete mortar that can he mixed tends to produce greater uniformity in the results. The type shown is recommended. The moulds should be wiped with an oily cloth before using. All proportions should be stated by weight; the quantity of water to be used should be stated as a percentage of the dry material. The metric system is recommended because of the convenient relation of the gram and the cubic centimeter. The temperature of the room and the mixing water should be as near 21° Centigrade (70° Fahrenheit.) as it is practicable to maintain it. The sand and cement should be thoroughly mixed dry. The mixing should be done on some non-absorbing surface, preferably plate glass. If the mixing must be done on an absorbing surface it should be thoroughly dampened prior to use. The quantity of material to be mixed at one time depends on the number of test pieces to be made; about 1000 gr. (35.28 oz.) makes a convenient quantity to mix, especially by hand methods. The material is weighed and placed on the mixing table, and a crater formed in the center, into which the proper percentage of clean water is poured; the material on the outer edge is turned into the crater by the aid of a trowel. As soon as the water has been absorbed, which should not require more than one minute, the operation is completed by vigorously kneading with the hands for an additional 1- minutes, the process being similar to that used in kneading dough.

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